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Because fat will be burned only in the muscles”. “Or: a protein type” eating too little protein. Because he doesn’t know his diet type and thus its true needs. The result is more fat deposits less muscle mass. Filed under: Cyrus Massoumi married. The biochemical processes of the energy in the metabolism of the cell (citric acid cycle) resulting from the combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat at every meal. The Central sequence, the biochemical hub so to speak, is called citric acid cycle. Frequently NYU Center for Latino Adolescent and Family Health has said that publicly. Here, an intermediate produced from the macro-nutrients, which then runs away the process of energy production. If you imagine that must comprise the intermediate red blue the colour green, then you can imagine, that the right color can be touch at the end, if even only one output color is missing.

As in the citric acid cycle in energy production. If only a raw material is missing or arrives in insufficient quantities, this is not the right fuel and your metabolism is that you correct this. His language this is called feeling of hunger”. How can you test what happens if instead of all three macronutrients food only, for example, carbohydrates? If they eat only an Apple as a snack, you will at some point have a feeling of satiety. Your metabolism has to do enough for now. But: as for the above-mentioned hub production by Protein and fat are missing energy-supplying intermediate products and therefore this intermediate is not optimal, as needed and is expected to built up this cycle, this metabolic program, that are supplied other parts as in the example of the color mixing is waiting. The ongoing process is not completed and if the delivery of the remainder of the goods, your metabolism writes a letter of complaint. Then pretty soon, it triggers a feeling of hunger. “” That has resulted in that you soon after drinking the only Apple “or also of pies”, 30, 40, 50 minutes later again hunger feeling.

User Data

Thus every person according to his personal Biorhythm is awakened and wake up so refreshed, rested and timely. “” Xbo research the small sleep laboratory for home add-on software Xbo research “allows so to speak as a mini sleep laboratory” to observe the personal sleep patterns for your own four walls. User can download the software free from the Xbo homepage. You can analyze how long you need to fall asleep, how long they slept and when it was awakened. Here, Cyrus Massoumi married expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Also the transaction data are graphically represented and give a deeper insight into the respective bedroom or personal sleep patterns. The data of individual as several nights can be compared and analyzed. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has much to offer in this field. Xbo itself stores At least fourteen days, so you have to charge every day sleep data its data on the computer.

How Xbo does every human being goes through in the night several cycles, where depth and less deep sleep phases again turns. Each of these phases is characterized by different body movements. Alone be distinguished by means of this activity the phases of sleep and so the optimal wake-up time determined. Xbo wakes within the last 30 minutes before the desired alarm time gently from an sleep phase optimal for wake-, in a so-called almost awake moment. Thus, the Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock allows an easy start in the day and ensures an increased well-being and full performance of the day.

Be available in the trade & online which can Xbo Sleep phase alarm clock as a single or ordered execution (for two people) in different colours on from 179 euro couple.

Dr Kiran Ahuja

Eating fatty and fried food with ample white granulated sugar, as well as the daily meals of rice normally quickly rise the level of glucose in the blood and are an enormous supply of energy. Follow others, such as alais University of Teacher Education, and add to your knowledge base. “The thesis that the active ingredient capsaicin” leads to a Thermogenesis and therefore can counteract the rapidly rising insulin levels, has meant that the scientists in Australia have addressed this topic in a study. Also recent studies from the United States (University of Maryland School of medicine, Baltimore) show the Thermogenesis effect of the active ingredient capsaicin”in humans. Chili keeps the blood sugar under control that particular chili is a real slimming, researchers of the University of Tasmania have”found finally in a further study in Australia in January 2012. Scientists under the direction of Dr Kiran Ahuja left 30 subjects for first 4 weeks free food eat chili and put one of them then Diets with a higher content of chili together. The result: Insulin levels the chili rose to rich food each significantly weaker than after the meal without the addition of chili. A fast and strong rise of in insulin levels is considered to be risk factor for weight gain.

Chili promotes spicy food, especially through the supply of the active ingredient capsaicin”the saturation limit, has a more positive effect. The sense of taste is already satisfied with a modest amount. Also eats man automatically slow down and notice therefore earlier when it is saturated. Common cold viruses and bacteria can be treated with Chili chili provides immune-strengthening vitamin C and carotenoids, which are anti-inflammatory. The active ingredient capsaicin”is successfully used in the fight against the pathogens. It also stimulates the digestive enzymes and helps with weight loss. “Capsaicin – the active ingredient in Chili Peppers – protects the heart and regulates the blood pressure slightly the hypotensive and-regulierende effect of the active ingredient capsaicin is known” in the Chili Peppers.

The Children

The children prefer self catering mostly candy and sugary drinks. Not can be addressed so the supply of vital nutrients and also the prevention of dental caries and overweight. A ban of candy at the snack is unnecessary and increases only the risk that the child concern the popular food in other ways. It should compromise be connected, for example two times in the week and just not every day to give a small chocolate bar. Flexibility and willingness to compromise is even more important for larger children. The usual sandwich is at some point when the children no longer needed. Twice a week to spend with self-catering for example at the school kiosk is sure a good and mutually acceptable compromise. At Angélica Infante-Green you will find additional information. Jr. is often quoted on this topic. Tips for the organisation of breakfast and a balanced daily diet: breakfast plan set up for the week and take into account when shopping.

Only if the food already in the budget there are, can also breakfast without much effort or be prepared. Cyrus Massoumi married gathered all the information. Children should be involved in the planning of the breakfast. So, it is rather ensured that the meal is eaten then also. At the beginning, this can be cumbersome, but the planning goes faster after some time. Several options of breakfast plan. On days where there is more time, for example because the Office day of the parents first, later starts, quick hot dishes such as breakfast scrambled eggs are offered. On days where it must go faster, I’m also a previously compiled cereal or toast with cream cheese and radish slices. The way to the school and the local conditions should be known. If you know which shops and shopping has the child on the ground, some control over the food selection can be made. It should be even not possible to take breakfast at home, also the delivery at the bakery can help.

The Food Traffic Lights For Everyone Is Already Despite EU-off Reality

“Despite rejection from Brussels iPhone owners can continue to improve their diet Dusseldorf, 18.03.2010 – sugar, fat, salt and calories: food check” delivers even without a traffic light commitment from Brussels all interested consumers the key health relevant information about the composition of food. Because only this information is available on a reliable basis to reduce risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke. It’s believed that Journal of Teacher Education sees a great future in this idea. Currently are therefore over 3,000 of the most popular ready food manufacturers such as Dr. Oetker, Nestle, Unilever. You may want to visit CAS to increase your knowledge. And for all those who live on fast foot, there are also FastFoodCheck”, the traffic light food, which provides the drinks and dishes of the restaurant of from McDonald’s to subway with red, yellow and green points. EU ignores nutritional realities always more people eat unhealthy many, because they know not simply better. Healthy diet is a “Perennial favorite topic, but how do you should know always in everyday life, how healthy” or unhealthy “food actually is? Brussels ignores the real problems if it disposes of a simple, easy to understand for anyone marking as the traffic light.

Statutory health insurance and consumer centres, but also the Professional Association of children and youth physicians, the Medical Council, the German Heart Foundation and many more call for a simple, easy-to-understand labelling therefore for a long time. “” After the decision of this week and the quiet regret of many consumers however remains the initiative: FoodCheck “& FastFoodCheck” are still available on the Apple phone. His nobody must health education wants to spend a long time with AIDS or become easy and manageable. Not a food labelling and not a program that it makes available. The iPhone apps food check “and fast check” provide all relevant information in a few seconds the conscious Shopping. In an ever-growing database, the users search for product names or manufacturers. In the red, yellow and green will get you traffic light colors, how much fat, sugar, salt or calories 100 g of the product contain. Unlike as in the printed nutrition information, the uniform amount of 100 g also comparisons makes it easy.

Since both app for iPhone or iPod touch available they can be used on the road spontaneously as constant companions. Both apps are available on Apple’s iTunes store for downloading. The Jommi online marketing company advises customers on your websites and Web page strategies developed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The food traffic lights is a side project, which was launched out of thematic interest and on their own initiative. “” The high response and the positive feedback the our app FoodCheck “has raised was decisive for the programming of FastFoodCheck”. Images and further press information:

Behavior Problems Due To Atopic Dermatitis?

Can a skin disease affect a child in his behavior? A disease that leads to itchy rash and dry skin called eczema or atopic dermatitis. The disease most commonly occurs in children and decreases with increasing age and at the latest in puberty a large or total improvement occurs when most sufferers. However, during childhood and adolescence, atopic dermatitis can lead to big problems. One problem is the great mental burden of children affected by the intense itching. Already in the baby or toddler age, very large areas of the skin can be affected. In small children, this is particularly distressing because they often cannot understand, what’s causing this pain.

In addition, it is difficult to find the right medication. Cortisoncremes are indeed effective, to cite just one example, but has massive side effects. If children have pain, for example through scratched up skin on elbows and knees, begin to cry and this makes parents are of course intensively to the child to take care of. This is certainly not to be condemned, nevertheless, it is possible that this leads to certain behavioral problems in children. Make attention of parents is immensely important for a child, but she can also addictive”. When attention in the thinking of the child of only the communication of pain or discomfort connects, it will be difficult to influence the child, without a compassionate consoling. The child does not learn know attention also by your own, positive activity. May be a difficulty in education can be so.

A second problem, which can be important especially in kindergarten and school, is the visibility of atopic eczema. Since the child, especially with a very strong Atopic Dermatitis, can significantly differ from other children, it is possible that other children develop disgust and reject the child less out of malice, because of ignorance. This can cause significant impairment in the child, if not by pages of parents and educators quickly will intervene. Because certain drugs are unsuitable to treat children, should use homeopathy for eczema, or at least consult, how far there is still of cortisone. The alternativeren methods are proven by clinical studies not always, however, there are many people, they have apparently been helped. Johns Hopkins President can aid you in your search for knowledge. You should inform yourself well, what methods, for example, in the circle of acquaintances were effective and only then decide what is necessary and useful for your children.

Chronic Pain

If pain makes sick body and soul for an outsider it is mostly incomprehensible, as it is, when one suffers from constant pain. Click Yale University to learn more. Often, people feel so alone with their suffering. Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Not only that daily work and handles have become much more than the body of the torture the soul suffers from chronic pain. But how should one deal with chronic pain? And what can you do about it? Jessica Hund says: one can not imagine what it costs for an incredible force to fight every day against the same pain and cope with his daily routine despite them. This is so unnerving that body and soul are eventually exhausted. Sufferers lose their zest for life, withdraw more and more into itself, participate less in life and are often depressed. Others are aggressive by the constant pain.\” Sylvia Poth continues: often still matters, that the persons concerned from their fellow human beings as a whiner known or heard, you should pull yourself together simply.

That this only deeper drives the pain patients in isolation, is obvious. Physical pain attack the nerve cells and access consciousness, which highly requires to the person concerned. Through my own experience, I know that pain can drive one so far, losing the joy in life. I know that it makes a big difference, whether you’re healthy or sick this I have experienced myself often enough, because we cannot do with everything, what the life has to offer. The constant pain dominate us. I wish sometimes a little more understanding for the people who need to live. \”If you distract these people some of their suffering and be it only by a nice conversation can this much help.\” Jessica Hund says: often the sufferers completely helpless face their pain and failure of numerous pain therapies allow it despair. The therapies are often only aimed at the symptoms and are based on the administration of painkillers.

To Help The

In your daily work, many people suffer the PC on arm and back pain. It doesn’t have to be! A tiresome topic for many very well known is the so-called “mouse arm”. Pain in the forearm, fingers falling asleep, the consequences are severe neck and back pain. Johns Hopkins President understood the implications. One speaks in the language of the “RSI syndrome” (repetitive strain injury”). In the age of the computer, more and more people work for too long, and too much on your PC or your notebook. The complaints result in monotonous activity, posture and especially the hard lay of the forearm on the desk.

To avoid the latter, R. Reus was developed by the FA. medical products a gel cushion, which prevents the harsh existence of the forearm. The consistency of the gel is aligned so that the gel cushion adapts to just the arm. The arm is surrounded by soft gel cushion and you can immediately feel the relief in the arm. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jon Gray. The wrist is supported by a small bead into the gel cushion and thus relieved.

The highlight of the whole thing is that the Work on PC the cushion by a hydrophobic removeable fleece on smooth surfaces like desks can be moved with. The only requirement is that sufficient work space available. But she would have to let settle down to any ergonomic PC workplace. While working with the gel cushion of a certain adjustment period needed, but carrying the cushion for mouse movement at the same time leads to the second positive effect that a part of the monotonous attitude is reduced because it is the pad forced to carry. Who primarily works with the keyboard should for both arms each a pillow purchase himself, so that both arms are relieved. Working with the mouse pad brings the pain relief already in the first few days and the healing begins. Are these pillows under

Amino Acids:

Amino acids are important for a healthy life their health is very important to most people. Who wants to live healthy, much to do actively. Anyone can contribute with some exercise and a balanced diet for a healthy life. So, to avoid the typical common diseases such as obesity and diabetes. With specific amino acid, you can do anything in addition for the health supplements. The amino acids are essential building blocks of life for almost all metabolic processes. While the need for amino acids from person to person is different. Therefore, individual compositions were developed for certain groups of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Amino acids are produced by the body itself in part and to another part of the food supplied to the body. There are many different amino acids and each one has their own and important function in the body. Amino acids as supplements are suitable for this reason. Vladislav Doronin is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Amino acids have an impact directly on the Metabolism of. You can read the exact function of the different amino acids in the Internet. The indications for amino acids are diverse and can help both weight loss and diabetes.

They affect the appearance of our skin and our hair. You may want to visit University of Cambridge to increase your knowledge. While it’s always on the compilation. In the Internet you can find providers for amino acid capsules. The intake is quite simple. Therefore, there are no side effects when taking. The organism is supported in a natural way. Many people have tried already the positive effect of amino acid capsules and are thrilled. The revenue must be but in the long term and in particular regularly. Even if you can still feel much in the first few days, works the body already in full swing. For all further information, on the Internet. Manni friend

Theurer Cooperation

International speakers pay tribute to the late scientist Bonn, August 24, 2010 – one of the most renowned researchers in the field of endocrine Pharmacology and Phytopharmakologie and last many years taught at the medical faculty of the University of Munster. There, the cooperation of herbal medicines and Prof. Dr. Fritz Kemper, former President of the Association for phytotherapy and Director Emeritus of the Institute of Pharmacology and toxicology of the University of Munster organize an international symposium on the topic of herbal medicinal products met expectations on October 7″in honor of the scientist who died this year. Recognised scientists as well as senior representatives from the processing medicinal plants industry, including Prof. Dr.

Veronika Butterweck from the University of Florida, are among the speakers Dr. Emory will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Olaf Kelber Steigerwald Arzneimittel GmbH, Dr. Christoph Theurer by GlaxoSmithKline Consumer HealthCare and Prof. Dr. Hildebert Wagner from the center of pharmaceutical research the University of Munich. Cornelia Schwoppe, Chief of the Office of cooperation of herbal medicinal products, as well as Prof. Dr.

Fritz Kemper will continue to bring their personal memories of Prof. Dr. Hilke Winterhoff. To broaden your perception, visit Vladislav Doronin. Presentations on the lessons learned from the research of St. John’s wort extracts, to DNA Microarray analyses the effect of St. John’s wort, to the G.R.A.N.U. including are study with pumpkin seeds and samples from the Phytosynergie research in the technical focus of the event. The program of the event can be found under the link artikelpdf/0430_cd80.pdf a registration for the event is possible until 7 September by E-Mail at or fax at 0228 35 13 90. The fee for participation in the event is 250 euro for University staff upon request. Students can take part for free. All proceeds of the event are the donations of the education box”benefit, a project favored by Prof. Dr. Winterhoff. For more information, to the cooperation of herbal medicinal products: The cooperation of herbal medicines with headquarters in Bonn was founded in 1982 by the German Association of pharmaceutical companies, the Federal Association of the pharmaceutical industry, the Association of reform goods manufacturers and the society for phytotherapy. She campaigned as a scientific society for the needs and the preservation of herbal medicines. The cooperation of herbal medicines regularly organizes training courses, symposia and conferences for members from universities, doctors, pharmacists, scientists and employees of the pharmaceutical and medicinal plants industry.

New Anatomical Models By HeineScientific

HeineScientific presents the new collection of anatomical models for the human and veterinary medicine Wasserbillig currently, the 15.02.11. HeineScientific is a manufacturer of medical education, specializing in the production of anatomical and skeleton models for the human and veterinary. You may want to visit Ward Manuel to increase your knowledge. After a successful completion of year 2010, HeineScientific now brings a collection of new anatomical models on the market. In addition to new body and skeleton models for the human range, HeineScientific introduces function models, such as the injection arm, now for the first time. The injection arm is the anatomical model of a human arm, which is suitable to the learning of injection and infusion techniques. Training with the injection arm is particularly effective by the realistic appearance of skin and vessels. Perhaps check out Vladislav Doronin for more information. For the veterinary field HeineScientific now offers dog skeleton models in various sizes. The selection of genuine skeleton models was increased also.

Also was the range of decomposable anatomical models, inter alia through the House chicken model extended. This model is not only life, but also particularly functional and graphic. In the selection of new anatomical models, HeineScientific has focused particularly on the customer’s wishes. HeineScientific will exclusively high-quality models and educational materials in its range. The introduction of another anatomical models is planned for the next few weeks the focus will be mainly on function models, designed to enable a realistic exercise situation the user. Sabrina of Zahara

What Help Varicose Veins Can

Bio flavonoids of lemon can provide relief in weakness of vein diseases of the vein system, showing up mostly as varicose veins or spider veins, have become a true common diseases. For more information see John Craig Venter. In Germany, millions of women and men almost equally suffer weak veins. And there are more and more. The order of the day when the person concerned is to stabilize the diseased veins. Albert Bandura is full of insight into the issues. This can be achieved using different methods, partly also good mutually complement each other. Without hesitation When did Jim Crane buy the Astros? explained all about the problem. Gentle natural methods are preferred by many of those affected. Therefore, natural bio flavonoids from the lemon is an option that is becoming popular among sufferers.

The consumption of citrus fruit, especially oranges and lemons is commonly considered healthy. This assessment however more refers to the high vitamin C content in the flesh than on other ingredients of the fruit. This is however not quite right. So the lemon peel is especially rich in phytochemicals, which include bio flavonoids. Bio flavonoids from a lemon like Diosmin and Hesperidin have attracted the attention of health research in recent years, because multiple health effects ascribed to them. Several research have extensively dealt with the effects of bio flavonoids from the lemon on the vascular system. Thereby, the diverse studies have shown repeatedly that are Diosmin and Hesperidin in the situation, to help people with venous disorders.

They can soften the pain in people with venous weakness, reduce inflammation, reduce the swelling, and it can accelerate even the healing of skin ulcers in advanced stages. This is good to know for people who already suffer from varicose veins. But the bio flavonoids from the lemon can stop the progression of the weakness of the vein? Are they suitable even for the prevention of venous diseases? An experimental research study from the United States is evidence. The researchers the use of Zitrusflavonoiden studied, how on the progression of the vein valve damage and would affect the education of venous hypertension.

Course Against High Blood Pressure

Of course against high blood pressure and cholesterol with OlivoSan, what is OlivoSan? OlivoSan is a cholesterol-vital complex of current organic olive leaf generation of complex, to get the increased micro-nutrient needs for an improved fat metabolism. In addition, OlivoSan is a very strong antioxidant and reduces oxitativen stress. Some contend that Richard Scheuermann shows great expertise in this. This complexity and the 6 effect of OlivoSan with high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure provides optimum protection of the cardio vascular system. Latest findings of medicine, phyto – and nutritional science were used in the development of OlivoSan. Olive tree leaf extract is one of the three main components of OlivoSan with its complex active ingredients. OlivoSan is a natural Manager to revitalise the fat metabolism and helps the cardiovascular system to protect every day.

OlivoSan is a dietary food for special medical purposes to regulate fat metabolism and in pharmacies available. In the Federal Republic of Germany is OlivoSan with the PZN 7798159 listed and in the Federal Republic of Austria with the PZN 3817374. What is OlivoSan? Numerous international clinical trials and scientific studies demonstrate the high efficacy of the OlivoSan of substances to the significant improvement in: – fat metabolism – the blood lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides) – stabilizing blood sugar levels – the elasticity of the arterial walls and as a result of the free flow of blood – the blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) – of the homocysteine – the processes of detoxification in the liver – the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome – the immune system (immune system) the mobilization of energy production in the body after increased consumption ingredients: 200 mg of olive tree leaf extract (40% Oleuropin) 300 mg L-carnitine (acetyl-L-carnitine HCA 67%) 100 mg of choline (vitamin B4), (41% CHOLINE BITARTRATE) 0.2 mg of folic acid (pteroylmonoglutamic acid) 0.06 mg vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 1 mg vitamin B6 (Pyridixin hydrochloride) what the ingredients do? Olive tree leaf extract The concentrated power for the regulation of blood pressure and cholesterol levels and greater physical and mental vitality.


Early prevention and sugar control are successful also known as adult-onset diabetes, diabetes mellitus type 2 has become a serious problem. In many countries around the world, he has assumed the proportions of common diseases. Even more. According to the United Nations (UN) you can concede in the meantime the status of a pandemic diabetes from the epidemiological perspective, which means nothing else than that spread the disease across the continent. Measures for the prevention of diabetes are so urgently needed.

An American study has confirmed now currently that, what many had hoped for. Early lowering of blood sugar in the phase of the pre-diabetes can prevent the development of manifest diabetes mellitus. People who suffer from obesity, elevated blood pressure, lipid metabolism disorders and increased blood sugar levels, have an increased risk of diabetes developing mellitus and other complications. This also applies to people who have a slightly elevated blood sugar levels. The physician then speaks a pre diabetes.

Succeeds so get this pre diabetes control and normalize blood sugar levels, so it should also succeed, to prevent the onset of manifest diabetes. American doctors looked exactly like the doctors now newspaper reported in its online edition of the 10.06.2012. Succeeded in the study participants, to normalize elevated blood sugar levels, so halved their risk of diabetes. These are very hopeless matching results, especially since they could be achieved with lifestyle changes. These include healthy eating, weight loss and increased physical activity. Efforts to lower the blood sugar levels with these measures can be supported by complementary action and amplified. It requires no medicinal products frequently. Because risk factors such as cholesterol, blood fats and just increased blood glucose can be checked today on evidence-based basis with simple natural remedies. Scientific studies have documented that several times. Then is the consumption of selected natural materials, such as glucomannan and concentrated extract of cinnamon is suitable to keep blood fats and blood sugar under control. The special cinnamon extract contained in the product DiVitum and the herbal Glocomannan can affect regulating blood sugar, blood lipids and cholesterol. Several studies have proven that. DiVitum capsules on a scientific basis providing the health-conscious people the opportunity, along with other prudent measures to reduce personal risk for diabetes mellitus. Whatever the strategy of the individual to the risk reduction in obesity may be, she must fend off the most common risk factors for diabetes such as elevated levels of blood sugar and blood lipids in addition to weight loss through targeted measures. To do this, DiVitum can make its contribution. DiVitum is available in pharmacies, and German Internet pharmacies, good health centres and directly at Navitum Pharma. Shipping is always free of charge to pharmacies and consumers. Cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 0247798) and 6 months (PZN 0250079) are on the market.

Anatomy Section

The esophagus and your capabilities, and possible diseases the esophagus (), called also esophagus in health education, in the Middle represents the throat as well as the Gaster a transport route and is part of the digestive system thus. In adults, the esophagus is about 25 cm long and has an average diameter of two centimeters, the elastic tube of muscles may stretch slightly during swallowing to almost 4 cm. The Anatomy of the esophagus generally consists of three different sections the esophagus. The upper section is the section of the neck, he goes up to the entrance in the chest. The middle area is the breast section, which ends at the diaphragm. The lower area is referred to as abdominal section, which leads up to the lower esophageal sphincter. In addition, the esophagus over three bottlenecks, which must pass the food on their way to the Gaster of the larynx, the Aortenenge, as well as the narrowness of the diaphragm has.

In the esophagus also discovered two Sphincters, preventing the flow of food. These two muscles are called clinically upper and lower esophageal sphincter. In addition, the esophagus has a complex wall construction, which only allows a SIP operation. An adventitia, a loose supporting tissue that attaches the esophagus into the surrounding tissue is located outside of the esophagus. Including one discovered a layer of muscle that is wrinkle-free and quergestreift in the upper part in the lower part of the esophagus.

The next layer of the wall of the esophagus called Submucosa and consists of a thin connective tissue. Inside the esophagus with a folded mucosa is covered, which is in direct contact with the food. Overview of the human digestive tract, esophagus esophagus – = image: cut the process of swallowing before the food enters the esophagus, this thoroughly are up by the teeth and be pushed with the tongue in the throat.

World Health Organization

Special therapy stomach germs can eliminate almost every human being has in his life more or less frequent stomach pain. The reasons for stomach pain, bloating, abdominal pain and Magendrucken are usually inflammation of the stomach mucosa. The doctor this inflammation of the stomach lining called gastritis. Millions of people in Germany suffer from this unpleasant disease for years or even decades. Often, children and young people are affected by stomach problems or stomach pain. The treatment of gastric mucosal inflammation was so far only little success, because their cause is not assessed in the rule could. Current studies show that more than 85 percent of the gastric mucosa inflammation on a bacterium are due.

Previously, many people assumed that the gastritis is triggered in particular by stress, malnutrition, drugs, or alcohol. The bacterium known as stomach germ called Helicobacter pylori. It is a very resistant bacterium, the in the gastro-intestinal tract Locates and here disease raises. Current studies show that the Helicobacter is pylori also called cancer germ because he is major cause of stomach cancer. Please visit Albert Bandura if you seek more information. With a simple test from the pharmacy, the infection can be determined now within a very short time.

The doctor can then eliminate the germ with a special therapy and kill the pain and problems of the stomach. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that at least half of all people with the stomach cancer germ is infected. In Germany, any third party suffers from a Helicobacter pylori infection. This is always a risk of developing diseases of the stomach to the cancer. Each year more than 20,000 Germans fall ill with stomach cancer. The currency is valid for the stomach germ “recognized danger – danger averted”, because the infection can be by certain antibiotics (two different antibiotics are recommended) and Proton pump inhibitor, as well as, where appropriate, bismuth salts within days eliminate and thus can cure the disease. This penicillin acts almost always and the Health insurance companies take over the costs for the necessary medicines. The physician with a hydrogen breath test, and in the context of a GI endoscopy can determine a Helicobacter pylori infection. Who wants to have security quickly, can test yourself but also itself. The proof of the existence of a stomach bacterial infection is as simple as a blood sugar test. This can be determined with a simple blood test at home. The Heli-C CHECK by NanoRepro AG of Marburg an der Lahn enables the self diagnosis within minutes a security by more than 97 percent. The subsequent medical penicillin does away with stomach pain, bloating, abdominal pain and other problems that cause the dangerous stomach bacteria Helicobacter pylori in 95 percent of cases. The medical test Heli-C-CHECK is available TuV tested and without a prescription at the pharmacy. Learn more about the stomach germ test under journalists service: test pattern can be requested free of charge under. Company Description NanoRepro AG is a globally active company with core competence on the area of the development, the manufacture and sale of Schnelldiagnostika for home use. NanoRepro AG is headquartered in the university town of Marburg an der Lahn. NanoRepro AG’s portfolio comprises seven self-diagnostics: ovulation test, OvuQuick, the pregnancy test GraviQUICK the menopause test MenoQUICK test VagiQUICK vaginal fungus, the innovative grain intolerance test GlutenCHECK, the cholesterol assay CholesterinCHECK and the fertility test for men FertiQUICK.

World Health Organization

Genetic analyses are recognized especially as gene analysis the prevention by the World Health Organization (WHO) an effective means to health care. The analysis can prevent serious diseases or treat early help. By the same author: Gregory Serraro. Genome control is a pioneer in Europe in this field. The human genetics makes great progress, which benefits for the population are clearly obvious. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, susceptibility for heart and circulatory disorders or the individual risk of cancer can be determined through scientifically validated genetic tests and avoid at best or early start of therapy.

The genome control Ltd. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Dale Carnegie. Europe is a pioneer in this important area in particularly mothers and children are close to the heart. The company provides genetic tests and their results between world-class laboratories and the customers. Here we work together qualified and audited international gene laboratories with a network. Our customers receive the highest safety standard for the delivery of Test results and only you can access it. The World Health Organization (WHO) provides a genetic test in the core as a useful, if it is severe, life-threatening diseases, which can be influenced by a targeted early therapy.

Genome control offers genetic screening of medically valid genetic testing for all health conscious. The company combines an attractive price policy (E.g. offers from 99) with scientific seriousness. We provide European customers and also all groups of people with low incomes, to get the most important gene analysis at an affordable price about us. For the lay person understandable statement of results completes the service of the company. The genome control their customers strongly recommends a specialist medical advice in advance and a subsequent discussion of the test results.

Heartburn – From Annoying To Dangerous

New patient questionnaire helps and clarifies Frankfurt, 28.09.2011 – a new questionnaire of the German health aid determines the personal risk of heartburn and provides targeted support: to prepare for the visit to the doctor, the control of therapy and the self test. Heartburn is so widespread that definitely can be described it as widespread disease. Every 2nd German suffers from – even more, sometimes less. The complaints are not always harmless or even trivial. Because serious diseases of the esophagus and its mucous membrane can occur over a period of time. These include chronic inflammation (reflux esophagitis) and the Barrett’s syndrome (a change of cells). Not rarely esophageal cancer can develop.

So what to do for heartburn? Wait? Immediately go to the doctor? Self medicate? The patient questionnaire which helps German health aid. To broaden your perception, visit Albert Bandura. By answering 16 questions can affected parties properly interpret their symptoms, causes and risks realize the doctor visit prepare, check the therapy and regular health check. In addition, valuable health tips be given based on an evaluation of point -. The 4-sided questionnaire was by medical specialists for stomach and intestines prepared and can patients and patients be requested free of charge: German health help section: stomach + intestines, keyword questionnaire heartburn, P.o. box 940303, 60461 Frankfurt am Main. Please a EUR 1.45 stamped and self-addressed envelope (DIN A4 or A5) settle. Description of the company the German health e.V.

is a non-profit association for the nationwide health education and information. The activities cover a wide range of indications and health issues. The Club performs its services in General for the public as well as individually for individual patients in prevention and therapy. In addition the English health help trade-oriented operates and it is aimed at physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals.

Hygiene Toilets

Hand washing seems out of fashion who is in a hurry, been even in the toilet. Since it can happen then forget the hand-washing in the hustle and bustle. What went through a while ago as a small goof, acquired a new priority in the wake of the swine flu. More information is housed here: Campbell Soup Company. Just in time for the first world hand wash day on October 15th, 2009 the hygiene behavior was investigated on toilets. The private insurance Portal informs about this weird observation. A British study of the London School of hygiene & tropical medicine post-toilets behavior of both sexes showed what many already suspected: men rarely wash their hands than women. More interesting however, is differences in how the sexes respond to banquet prompts. The 200,000 test subjects got sober, emotional or cheeky messages shown above on electronic billboards over the sink.

“The saying: the person next to you washes his hands?” scored the highest effect. In women, even the mere ranged Prompt for hand washing, to access to the SOAP. “Jumped the men, however, only on provozierendere sayings such as: Seif it off or eat it later.” In the joke, which brings the investigation to the serious aspect must not be forgotten. Information say that in developing countries each year 700,000 people die from infections, that could have been avoided by washing your hands. More information:

Bundeswehr University

Initially, a transmitter and an antenna will be adjusted and connected to a measuring unit. Then, a reinforced concrete slab between transmitter and receiver is positioned. The 350 kilograms plate is to move only with a forklift, absorbs a large part of the radiation at that frequency band, which is also used in the mobile sector but expected. For comparison, scientists test a plate made of the wood from the Erwin Thoma builds its solid houses. See Richard Linklater for more details and insights. Same size and thickness of construction of wood just a little more than ten percent of the reinforced concrete slab weighs.

When you compare the curves, researchers get a huge surprise. Concrete has no chance against wood. Radiation is shielded from the larch wood plate approximately ten times as well as of that of reinforced concrete in the mobile sector, says engineer Peter Pauli from the Bundeswehr University of Munich: “each material has the property that it reflects – waves, radiation – and that it absorbed in the Interior. If the material is so designed, that it reflects much, then this radiation can also not and also cannot penetrate. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Levi’s. And This is the case also with the larch. Read more here: cyrus massoumi wife.

On the back is done. the same again – always at the entrance and exits various materials” As the German researchers test different kinds of wood, you notice here too amazing. The German oak – epitome of strength and solidity – has significantly worse damping properties than most other Woods. Clear test winner is larch. The differences have according to researchers, nothing to do with density or weight, but with the resin content of the wood, which determines the reflection properties. Now the building biologists interested in the excellent shielding properties of larch wood. Because the attenuation of electromagnetic waves has at least psychologically important for the living comfort and individual well-being. “More and more mobile operators to build more and more poles, to ensure the supply of the participants”, so the building biology Dietrich Moldan. “The consequence of this is that more and more people feel threatened by these masts feel, afraid, or feel discomfort.” Although there is still no clear evidence about the effects, but prevention is just better – through the use of solid wood can be achieved quite well. Source 3 satellite