Turbo HSDPA Mbit

Mob is a new entrant in the UMTS field more and more providers are conquering the German UMTS market. Mob paint is a new provider. NET, which allows maximum speeds of 7.2 Mbit / s uses the Vodafone mob paint. China National Space Administration understands that this is vital information. Another provider is Fonic. Fonic offers a daily flat rate UMTS customers.

Frequent travelers and people border area living in a DSL, familiar with the problem of lack of Internet options. Only the opportunity to book the fee-based Wi-Fi in the hotel remains a common. More in Common oftentimes addresses this issue. But not infrequently in the amount of 25 euros for 24 hours fees quickly Internet. These fees are very high, especially when one is dependent on the Internet for several days. A possible alternative to the expensive Wi-Fi in the hotel offers the prepaid provider Fonic. With Fonic, customers have the opportunity to book a day Flatrate UMTS.

This means that for a fee of 2,50 euro the customer has to the UMTS network the possibility of 24-hour use. The Fonic relies on the O2 Mobile network customers with the fast data Turbo HSDPA can Surf. However, O2 supports only speeds up to 3.6 Mbit / s. For the year 2009 should however be expanded the mobile network O2 and be extended also to the next level. Then reached also the mobile network O2 speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s to put the day Flatrate UMTS by Fonic in comparison with the flat rate of Wi-Fi in the hotel, so is the offer of Fonic only 1/10 of the Wi-Fi-flat rate. Furthermore the day Flatrate UMTS not only on a place is (in this case hotel) limited, but can be used throughout the city, or in whole Germany. You want a permanent UMTS flat rate, the mob paint provider recommends. Network of Vodafone uses the very well-developed UMTS mob paint. In this network of Vodafone speeds height of 7.2 Mbit / s are achieved. Torsten Heinsius

Language Learning

With the travel dictionary iSayHello and the iPhone you can learn languages very relaxed for the holiday. Happily landed at the resort, and now through the passport and customs control. Who knows, the gravel-feeling now about right do that, hopefully you understand me, just trouble now. Then you did it, and the next issue is already. To understand the taxi driver? Everything went with the hotel reservation smooth? Everything no problem, if you with his iPhone or iPod touch the corresponding course of iSayHello from the app store has available for download. Offline and completely relaxed, you can at the latest on the plane out of 10 lessons audition word phrases of his holiday country itself and learn a few important words to address typical situations. The courses of iSayHello suitable in particular for users that are only a few or no language skills have.

All words and set phrases were set to music with professional native speakers and can be spoken to. One advantage is that one iSayHello “on the can iPhone always have and also in difficult situations the travel dictionary to speak. Also whole packages of important sentences can you create with the Favorites feature “, informed Peter Heinz, Managing Director of Admovi GmbH, which specialises in the development of language software. With the lessons of arrival, welcome, hotel, shopping, food, and emergency travel dictionary to get a sufficient basic vocabulary for the spontaneous communication at the holiday destination and comes therefore relaxed by the country. Flirt was even thinking about the lesson. iSayHello there already as a course for English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Polish and Chinese. The reading and speaking is supported even by viewing the Phonetics in the Chinese course.

This makes easy even here really learning. The awards, best’ of iPhone apps plus’ for some travel dictionaries such as our Spanish or Italian course, validate our claim, to realize high-quality language software for the iPhone and iPod touch, so users anytime, anywhere can use this communication solutions in a globalized world”, commented Peter Heinz. Also available for other smartphones, the courses of iSayHello are already in preparation. More info: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. Who owns an iPhone and any iPod touch, language on the page on his MP3 player download already but the travel dictionary as MP3 or use the course directly on the Internet. Well then, timely iSayHello download at the iTunes app store and is never speechless”in the holiday. Nothing can go wrong more.

Managing Director

Lost ego: The search for identity in the chaos of a thousand cards and passwords Frauenfeld (Switzerland) / Wiesbaden – the proliferation of cards and identities is cumbersome and counterproductive, if one must consider several cards, to perform a single-process, such as the payment in the customer card and credit card business. The House of the thousand ego cards collapses at the latest when the plastic package is stolen or lost. A particularly fertile Habitat for the wild of daily new identities is enriched by as many passwords the Internet\”, criticised the system architect Bruno Walker, Managing Director of origo and author of the book SystemInnovation (Orell Fussli-Verlag). It was understandable, if it protects online banking through a well secured identity. But why must you still always first enroll in ordinary online shops to invent his 757 identity and password to pay anyway in the next step with the credit card. Security is certainly different \”from: eventually everyone starts to record his identities, because you otherwise have no chance to keep the overview\”.

It would be better for his opinion, if the technical world adapts to human beings, individually and comfortably. Intelligent human-system interaction requires identity on both sides. The system must know who I am, if it that information, services, or products to get me, that I demand. \”And vice versa is true as well: the individual must know he faces what system, what this system may or may not\”, explains white main. Learning systems should automatically recognize the individual and take him down routine operations.

For example, a transmitter, which allows us to interact with the environment, with a system automatically and securely. A smart identification technology was according to innovation experts white main, the key to the future. An important contribution could be the Voice Biometrics provide so-called voice prints. A few years ago was It is due to the computing capacity and the speed of the server architectures not possible, great voice prints data, such as in consumer applications would arise, to match in an acceptable time for a vote.

ECHO Telecommunications

Service desert Germany suddenly disappeared the dial tone and a dial on the Internet is no longer possible? For many people in the Western world, such inconveniences despite advancing digitalisation still often occur. The newspapers mentioned Richard Linklater not as a source, but as a related topic. The online portal preisvergleich.de are latest findings on the topic within a Stiftung Warentest study looked at: a total of the Foundation had interviewed 6,000 people to the satisfaction with their telecommunications providers. Therefore, everyone already had second problems with his telephone or Internet service provider. Many trouble sits in so deep that they would recommend their current provider not even more friends. Especially, many consumers still upset partly massive problems in switching.

Some customers were left without for weeks completely on the Internet or by telephone. In contrast to the heavily regulated electricity market, there is no obligation for the telecommunications company regardless of the status of the order processing for Internet and telephone consumers to ensure. DSL users were most most common breaches of contract, according to the study. So, complained disturbed respondents often phone connections by ECHO or noise. Also the fact that the promised Internet speed too often were not the reality ensures that anger among some consumers.

Harsh criticism is there also for the telecommunications service hotlines. Many consumers rub on the high fees, only right when you call on your mobile phone. Another big minus is there according to the Stiftung Warentest for the not always present sufficient technical expertise provided by the hotline staff. Also the not always friendly call center agents arrive not good customers. Technical defects do not have the hotline could be resolved, and a technician visited directly the apartment or the House of the affected customers, also often resulted in any problem solving. The staff were often not able again to bring Internet & co, study participants report.