Manual President

As in the case of Honduras, they have delayed the return of the constitutional President elected by the popular will, Manuel Zelaya, to create the feeling there is a supposedly constitutional civilian succession medially. Not cease to be military coups, but this time will be covered in manipulated legal procedures, enabling action military gendarmerie of the alleged constitutional order slip. They place in front of these Governments of succession forced civilians on the right financial and economic, as they have been the cases of Pedro Carmona Estanga, in Venezuela and Roberto Micheletti in Honduras. An army behind de facto civil rulers, that is the line of this new stage of any State civilistas, that is being brought about by the Government of Barack Obama and the US State Department. This is an eminently economic blow, the United States urgently needed natural resources of Latin America to get out of the capitalist crisis. Above all they need urgently venezolanazo oil and agricultural products in the hemisphere for out of this great energy crisis which led them to this serious economic and financial meltdown.

You can foresee some other coups in El Salvador, Guatemala, and the CARICOM member countries. This in order to encircle Venezuela and his revolution. The aim is that the Bolivarian revolution does not follow spreading over the continent and at other venues outside the hemisphere. With Venezuela and Nicaragua, it must proceed differently for the broad support that have these revolutionary Governments in their armed forces. Here the strategy is to promote the apparatus of war media and mobilization of streets. It seeks the military uprising through bribery and discontent of upper part of the armies of both countries.

With President Zelaya, starts a new stage in the Manual of the coup. Now kidnaps a President, is abandoned at the airport in a neighbouring country and proceeds to give a parliamentary madrugonazo, preventing the entry of legislators affected by the deposed President. Is the appointment of a civilian of fascistoid mentality as President of the nation. The army then begins its role of occupying force from their own country in the service of foreign economic and financial interests. Obed Juan Vizcaino Najera. Maracaibo – Venezuela.