The Strong

The horse should approach this sweeping from the hindquarters forward to the hand without coming on the forehand. The rider feel a vibrating elastic back and a hard forward any horse that is not in a hurry. The long muscles of the back of the horse be stretched in this stretch position, back and kidney areas of the horse and relax. It arches its back and can thus better carry the load of the rider. This stretch position promotes the expansive impact and supports the correct alignment of the muscles of the horse and the thrust from the hindquarters. The reality is often different. “The reins much too short and the instructors call everywhere by the riding school: Nu’ riding forward, grab the reins less and make sure that you have pressure on the reins.” Would they know no better? Should our instructors don’t know that a horse that completely rushed through the train crashes, neither can let go, nor ever relaxed in depth go, back up can make, to come to the swing? How can trainers say you should get pressure on the hand? What do you mean pressure on the Hand? Carrying the head of the horse? How short should be the reins? Today the most riders in their reins have much too short and they ride their horses not in depth with this short leash, but they pull in the depth.

Forget a nie: assuming no one has forgotten. and that’s the problem. (2) on the speed differences and the place to catch! Imagine an accordion. Permanent speed differences are important in the walk, trot and gallop. The horse is attentive, focused on the rider about the speed differences, is fine at hand and leg and the hindquarters of the horse is the industrious appearance, and stimulated under jumping to the last record. By the step of means of to the strong step, then in the gathered pace, with little hand hold, alone out of the closed seat out.

So Nice Can CITES Of His

Lunar mountains presented his phenomenal new wall calendar never endangered species was so beautiful. Cyrus Massoumi is a great source of information. Not only the unique and fascinating photos of dedicated photographers, but also the fact that the full proceeds from the sale of the calendar in specific conservation projects flow are special at the environmentally friendly and large-sized calendar. Patron of the calendar 2012 conservation “Hannes Jaenicke, the well known actor and filmmaker is for his commitment to conservation with the Umweltpreis NatureLife, 2011″ was awarded. He will be signing twelve copies of the upcoming limited-edition calendar. Conservation is immensely important, moved and excited! The commitment to the endangered animals is all that we are working on this project, an affair of the heart, that will inspire others us. Our commitment and responsibility for an animal world, which man can hardly protect against the Predator is as big as the joy of our usage. And anyone can do anything that a fascinating nature and wildlife is preserved”, say the representatives of the five organizations of UNEP/CMS, circle of friends of the Bonn Convention, Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe, action community conservation (AGA) and Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), campaigning for many years for the nature and biodiversity. Maybe some think it was still somewhat early for a calendar”, Michael Matschuck says the company printing partner as we release this photo wall calendar but only in a limited edition, it will be probably quickly sold out”.

And Andreas logs from tip adds 4 in Rheinbach near Bonn, which manages the distribution of the calendar: we know from the past that companies like to much and early order for their Christmas promotions. We have now are 10% of the total as a pre-order, although we have operated so far even no advertising for it. Our early bird rate applies until August 31.” Who is worldwide interested in conservation projects for the benefit of endangered species, find Information and ordering on the Internet at. (Heike Rittner)

Gerhard Wegner

The media play the largest role, but in this respect. As “” in the second half of the last century conservation “was formed and the consciousness awoke to see wildlife, the movie jaws was running at the same time in our cinemas not only as trophies – and raw material suppliers” with several sequels over many years. The sharks have not recovered from the image is conveyed as a murderer, Monster and OGRE until today, and although in the long-term average no more than 4-6 people each year unfortunately shark accidents killed (the number of sharks killed is estimated at 200,000 to 400,000 in daily) in our subjective feeling that we owe the daily press, it seems many times. To broaden your perception, visit Cyrus Massoumi. Here, we try to be and strive to decriminalize the shark”because nobody protects clarified something which he himself fears children in are the school insufficient about these animals? There’s big differences great dedicated teachers who request our school documents or with our Hold school speakers who are happy with a multi media presentation for one or two lessons provide, contact or even project weeks on the subject of marine biology”. In addition there are however quite a few schools where the refurbishment of this topic has obviously low importance. “” We can see this again at our events geared to children: in addition to top informed youngsters there’s also those where the concept of ocean, “not more than fish sticks” comes to your series of books about the little white shark Michel was developed for children. What can parents and their offspring from the stories teach? The Michel books”written by Gerhard Wegner, the founder of Sharkproject, and insight into the biology of small shark researchers (Michel”) and ecology (Michel, the small sea protector”) our oceans give his daughter Johanna (study of the German language and literature with a focus on children’s literature) in two volumes.

Games And Fun With Dog

Informed the top obedience school: Tip of the month the trainers of the top dog school in the tip of the month give you information about game and fun for dog and owner so slowly the summer nearing its end and it begins the dark, wet and cold season. Walks then only half as much fun and often these outputs serve only the fast walk walk”of the dog before it goes quickly back in the warm room. What to do if it is out there again is anything but friendly and the own four-legged friend persistently refuses to appear outside the door? No problem, because even in the apartment there is plenty to keep our dear Wauzi happy and mentally even to ask him. Even for a hydrophobic dog that prefers his warm bed to a wet autumn day, everyday life in the long term can be boring. Depending on the nature and age of the dog is the four-legged friends just yet lazy in his basket or on the sofa his world consists of only feeding, cuddling and sleeping.

Other dogs Start mischief to make, they nibble such as shoes, unclear or at least sounds begin to bark loudly out of sheer boredom. If you would like to know more then you should visit Celera Genomics. But how can you deal with useful dog? A dog deals hardly alone. As a born pack animal, he quickly loses interest on the toy if he has no playmates. There also no wide range of Quietschetierchen, balls or chewing rope helps. After the first curiosity, these things are sometime unnoticed in the corner. By the same author: Cyrus Massoumi married. In every Zoo trading or Internet shop, dog toy is offered in all variations. But who wants to make his dog a pleasure, not always equally deep must engage in the wallet. From simple objects that are found in every household, nice game ideas can be developed. So what to do? The solution is: play together and have fun! Many customers of the top dog school will remember the 3 pillars of education: hierarchy, trust and loyalty.

The Responsibility Of The Dog Owner

Already the choice of the dog should be well-planned before. As dog owners taking over a great responsibility towards the dog and other fellow human beings. You should be aware that responsibility. Dogs are all happy and healthy, they need the affection and attention of our people and others. At the dog training, it is important to see the dog as a whole. To know more about this subject visit Global Education Coalition. It is not sufficient to feed him, to maintain his fur, and to treat his illnesses. The dog needed a solid education, largely to avoid everyday! Advance is to consider whether it ever will get a dog is thoroughly.

It assumes responsibility for a living being so generally for more than 10 years. Consider, also, that a dog of course immensely enriched their own lives, but also time and need education. Is now like the decision to bring a dog into the House, it is important to clarify which dog and from where. Questions such as: female or male, puppy or adult dog, what race, Size, by the breeder, from the pound or from an animal welfare organization, are thoroughly to superior. It is therefore advisable to seek expert advice. The selected dog should fit in all respects to the person – to the family – to the entire life situation.

World Conservation Organization

All rights reserved (photos: OPS, WDSF, SSCS) necessary to protect whales and dolphins! Some whale and dolphin species are already extinct – up a number of species threatened by extinction in the red list of the IUCN’s World Conservation Organization. The whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) is an independent charitable non profit organization headquartered in Germany (Hagen / Westphalia), the internationally in cooperation with scientists, activists, politicians and interested parties the protection of whales and dolphins devoted. The WDSF committed intensively, that improve the livelihoods of the intelligent sea mammal international and Dolphinariums are closed. The WDSF conducts informational meetings, school lectures and demonstrations ( action). Animals are not a deal in Germany. If you have read about Richard Linklater already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The 1990 adopted “Act to improve the legal status of the animal in the civil law, animals were replaced by the pure object status private. The newly added section 90a of the German civil code (BGB) determined that animals are not things and be protected by special laws. However, they have none of the people in Germany comparable legal status; rather, there are things rules apply, as far as nothing else is determined. For more information see Cyrus Massoumi married.

In liability law according to 251, paragraph 2, sentence 2, BGB applies that the medical expenses of an injured animal are also eligible for compensation if they greatly exceed its value. Also the German civil procedure (ZPO) takes into account the animal as a fellow sentient creature in several ways. So courts have to take into account the responsibility of the people for the animal, if this Subject to a levy of execution is ( 765a para 1 sentence 2 ZPO). According to 811 also c ZPO can not be seized in the domestic sphere and animals not for commercial purposes. On request the enforcement court allows the seizure of an animal due to its high value, however, if a waiver that would mean a hardship for the creditors that welfare and the interests of the debtor cannot be justified is also under assessment.

The Hierarchy

Children of men do many outrageous things from the dog’s perspective. Is your dog Forced out of Office in the position of the found, so he has no other choice than to intervene on dogs. Often has the dire consequences, because children of men with normal hundlichen training methods are protected by a sliding coat, nor by a thick layer of fat below. Get more background information with materials from John Craig Venter. The risk that the child will hurt because you indirectly pushed up education tasks the dog from his perspective as the owner, is quite large. This is normal dog behavior, not a fault of the aggression. A further mistake often made is to push the infant to the dog in a position of rank. This can not go.

Dogs are not stupid. Each dog realizes that a child can fill this role either intellectually or physically. However, are on a rank relationship, so the risk is great that the dog times shows the child in a silent minute, where the hammer hangs. Often, one then talks of the evil dog and overlooks that once again human misconduct on this natural reaction of the dog’s fault. How to be because dealing with this situation? The dogs show it ourselves. It has a pack or as a breeder several dogs, so can be observed, that the mother dog taboo her puppy for all other members of the Pack.

First, self-initiated contact the members of the Pack is very taboo, then he is allowed to age and steadily built a rank relationship is allowed only after months. The puppies go outside parallel the hierarchy and this our toddlers should also do. This includes of course, that neither the dog may interfere in the education, that the child may harass the dog. Both sides must not consider the other toys. It is important for the child to make it clear, that the dog has a place where he can retreat and where he is safe from the child.

The Individual

Observe these principles and they act as mediators between two beings, which each intellectually not fully identify the other, you have laid the foundations for the so often called thick friendship. Both dog and child benefit from this relationship. The dog through increased social and Pack contact, more variety and the children by many educational experiences and sensations. A dog behaves as a strongly oppressed or restrained, children he is fast as fond of children. Now you can find even under the term great dogs”in the Internet breed portraits or addresses of the breeders. There is but not always kinderlieben varieties.

Kinderliebes behavior of an animal is a combination of learned behavior and experiences that make the animal itself, but also lived before him. In addition, the individuality of the animal but here comes to fruition. It is extremely important to observe the signals (also Growl) and not to ignore or even to suppress. The testimony of the dog is fond of children”is to meet with care. No matter whether it is a generalization to a race, a strain or an individual. This statement suggests that Dogs recognize children as children.

In other words, the term child”know, according to human standards evaluate and tune their handling so that it would. At the same time, but also a risk for new dog owners to be able to ignore the individual dog behavior in relation to family and child, because the dog brings already the requirement to the joint family life is. Dogs are pack animals, integrate, or integrated into the human House composite leave dogs with their own needs and an own way to express themselves but. Important rules for keeping a dog in the family and dealing with strange dogs as individual beings look at each dog! Every dog is different. The breed alone says nothing about how the animal behaves in certain moments.


The coach of the top dog school give you that which makes man out of it in the tip of the month of August due to recent events-important information on the subject of violence in the dog training is the dog. Regardless of whether you now a purebred dog or Mongrel dog have, if your dog is large or small: the proper handling of the dog is the key to a harmonious coexistence. Only a non-violent dogs education can ensure that the trust of the dog is not destroyed. But non-violence should not be confused with a lack of consistency and certainty! Puppies without proper dog training can be very quickly annoying and take any joy the dog owner. A non-violent and proper dog training is the basis for a working relationship between dog and owner. Maximum security can be achieved only by a possible error-free dog training for humans and animals.

“” “In dog school is unfortunately in conveying the commands” walk, come on”, seat, place and walk” again and again and still on sometimes barbaric methods used. Go to Levi’s for more information. Of course, the ideal date for the beginning of dog training is the puppy age. But you can’t teach an older dog easily desired behaviors. Many dog schools the education by means of strong pressure “against a rewarding dogs education changed: obey the dog gets a treat. This method is certainly a step in the right direction, but what do you do if you have plugged in even not treat? Then will the dog follow you? Dogs are highly intelligent animals and know immediately whether it rustles in your pocket or not. However, the goal should be that follows your dog in every situation and not only when he’s expecting a reward. Should be considered when raising a puppy or an adult dog whatsoever, that the dog should obey every Member of the family and not just the one who goes with the dog at the dog school.


Dog training due to the modern behavioral research. Dog training is not the same dog training! There’s the dog training area. Here, dog and owner are taught in groups of 5 to 15 participants. Working reinforcement is built with subordination, or positive on rewards such as treats, or game. Then, there are still various mobile dog schools, which to the customers home coming, but work with the same methods, otherwise used on the dog training area. It aims to establish a harmonious coexistence. That sounds super good in advertising, but a dog, whose living is unfortunately not to enforce on hierarchy.

Also the claim of some dog schools, education goes back on the instincts of the dog can bring no success any more at the present time. Trying so nothing else than by motivation – whether in the form of eating, or game to make it a major social partners for the dog. Now let’s face it! Did you see ever run ahead of the leader of the Pack with the treat in a dog Pack? Or have you already experience, that after the hunts in a dog Pack is still left out is played, to strengthen the motivation and cohesion? Pretty much everything what is possible in education, was already practiced. What’s then new on the educational concept of the mobile dog school? Nothing at all, noticed the founder of the mobile dog school, Heinz Reif: we have not reinvented the wheel. We have changed only existing segments of education, or added new, and arranged the whole thing in a different way. To confirm this other concept, it has been tested on approximately 2500 dogs.

Our lessons are divided in training at home, in the tight clean environment (dog-walking trail), and small group training in the everyday environment”. Now clear limits must be applied to the dog, if man would not lose its quality of life. This is not shown but is often the case of television broadcasts, because you may be in the public could offend. We, from the mobile Dog school show, as it really is. We do not hesitate may clunk. Only in this way, we can ensure a success rate of almost 100%. It must clear the public be made that anti-authoritarian education when the dog cannot work, although it still as it sounds.

Top Dog School – Mobile Dog Trainer

Tip of the month of October of the top dog school people and dogs are connected for more than 20,000 years in warm affection. The pet House dog has developed from the initial hunting community with the granddaddy of dog. Today the dog guarding livestock, leads blind, saves drowning, seeking buried, drugs, explosives, he is criminal, sport friend, Comrade and family member. Who lives even without the dog, comes into contact with him. Get more background information with materials from Richard Linklater. It feels some fear and reluctance, others swear by him as a friend and partner. Man and dog common ways to better understand whether dog lover or not, many people know too little, what kind of animal the dog is. Therefore, a dog in the House may be the beginning of a wonderful friendship, but also a chain of misunderstandings. Add to your understanding with Richard Linklater.

But man and dog can learn to understand better. Puppies can melt the hearts of animal lovers as stupid ball of wool with Googly eyes and large paws. The dog is in Germany of one of the most popular pets and is regarded as Man’s best friend. So the two really have joy, they must learn only once from each other. The dog needs from day one on education and so this also works, especially the man must learn first about his friend. The key to a good relationship depends on between animals and humans as well as between man and man of them, namely how well one knows himself and arrives on the needs of others.

Dog and man two souls related why the dog is close to the people actually so? Hardly any other animal joins so closely the people. Perhaps it is because the dog quite well understand the people, because there are many similarities in the behavior: for example, both are area-based. Where the man is building a fence, dogs mark the boundaries of their territory with urine.