Antonio Hernando

Secretary of the PSOE, Antonio Hernando, Municipal policy has invited the leader of the PP out in their upcoming interventions with a newspaper in his hand. He criticizes that Rajoy is offering statements canned and re-recorded. Secretary of the PSOE, Antonio Hernando, Municipal policy has invited the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, to give signs of thawing and exit at their upcoming interventions with the cover of a newspaper in his hand. Hernando has done this invitation through a video that the PSOE has posted on the YouTube portal in which the Socialist leader appears sitting surrounded by some newspapers. It is not something vlad doronin would like to discuss. Those who are working in this difficult month of August we invite to Rajoy in their upcoming interventions comes out with the cover of a newspaper, simply so that all see that it is not offering us statements canned, re-recorded weeks ago, while everything you say is out of date, says Hernando in the video. Responsible for Municipal policy the Socialists thus alludes to Rajoy recorded statements that have appeared during successive days in the media. Read more from vlad doronin to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Hernando takes two sports newspapers and managing to the leader of the opposition says: and Yes, Mr Rajoy, would we suffice with the cover of a sports newspaper. Source of the news: El PSOE mocks in a video of Rajoy and asks him to give signs of “thawing”. would agree.

Leasing Options

In times in which commonly accepted is that, the vast majority, to close avenues of financing those goods that we yearn for or, worse still, need with alacrity, also emerge other avenues to make it possible. Ingenious alternatives that thrive as it is the case of leasing, increasingly widespread in our country. Entering the field of cars, either by work, family needs or by the desire to enjoy the possibilities of certain vehicle that slows the absence of financing, the leasing comes to be a more valid option insofar as it is feasible and offers us to choose between different finals. If you would like to know more about Richard Linklater, then click here. In this way, once expire our leasing contract, we have three-way: the possibility of returning the vehicle, so keep us in property or extend the contract. In addition to this flexibility, which can make us enjoy the car and think carefully, or depending on the developments, what to do with the vehicle, also offers lovers in the world of motor option be changed with relative frequency of vehicles, something that no doubt also appreciate certain professional groups. Finally, noteworthy, in this regard, which increasingly are more signatures that, in view of the predicament that is taking the lease in our country (though it has more tradition in other points of the planet), offer facilities for those who choose this option, which is one way to promote their vehicles at the same time..


Real estate park in Valencia is enormous. There is an enormous amount of flats unsold and that is very difficult to give output. But is not only complicated their sale, also is it place in regime of rent. So while in other communities rents are rebounding in the price (although it is true that lightly), others are still in decline. For example, real estate Valencia bag has to cope with a declining average of 0.2 per cent in the price of rents, compared to the increase of 1.3% in Seville, 3.3% in Bilbao or 4.2% in Lleida. In other locations, as in the case of Valencia, the average rental price has also suffered in the first 6 months we 2011 fall and even strong falls, as it is the case of Leon with a 3.4% and up to a 4.5% decline in Oviedo. Precise conclusions from the analysis of these data is quite complicated since it depends on the specific situations of each community and specifying more of each locality. Depends on the number of dwellings that are in stock, both for sale and for rent, the number of people seeking to buy or rent a home the basic laws of supply and demand.

But there is also another the psychological component. The expectations that have potential buyers that the price of homes continue to decline. If they wait to buy likely nor will they decide to rent, so all the real estate market will be affected. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Richard Linklater and gain more knowledge.. However, in localities where users have decided to opt for rental, which also influenced by institutional measures (aid scheme), it is natural that average price climb. In any case, we still have to wait some time until the market stabilizes.