Largest Pairs

As is evident from the expression (3), the force of gravitational attraction between two objects decreases with increasing velocity of their relative motion. Objects in their original state away from each other, drawing closer, can form the orbital system, which interact with each other also has some special features. Suppose that two objects are coming closer to the minimum possible distance, form a pair of rotating around the common to the two objects center of mass. Suppose that two such pairs, the orbit motion of which lie the same plane, converge and form a system of two pairs of rotating in its turn around a common center of mass. Levi’s can aid you in your search for knowledge. If the orbital radius of rotation pairs – R, much larger than the distance between the objects in pairs, the force of mutual attraction of pairs of objects F (q 2) / R, (4) is inversely proportional to the distance (and not the square of the distance ") between the centers of mass of steam, and the largest can many times exceed the force of mutual attraction of stationary objects. In addition, the orbital velocity of the steam – v, formed in this way a system of two pairs is constant and independent of the orbital radius of the motion: v = const. (5) The mathematical apparatus describing the behavior of objects can not (because of its complexity) to obtain in analytical form solutions for the interaction of sets of objects corresponding to star systems and galaxies, however, based on noted above, the behavior of objects (3, 4) can make the following assumptions: – the gravitational interaction between galaxies may be a substantially weaker than predicted by the law of the World gravity because of their relative motion, in this case, the effect of "divergence" of galaxies may be associated with random processes, as shown in 6, and does not require for its explanation, involving "dark energy" – in galaxy force of mutual attraction of stellar systems, the orbits of planetary motion which lie in one plane, can greatly exceed the predicted by the law of gravity, and thus do not require additional participation "ignorant masses" – strengthening the gravitational attraction of galaxies, disk-shape with each other must occur at their location in the same plane. .

Information and Communication Technologies

MV Belyakov, a physics teacher Municipal Educational Institution Secondary Comprehensive School 34, Tver Recently, a very large attention paid to the introduction of information technology in the learning process. Traditional education system is outdated and requires significant innovation. Way out is the use of computer technologies in modern education. In the lesson as a complete didactic complete unit is a traditional cycle of activities: goal-setting, planning and organization, execution of (decision) a single objective, analysis and evaluation of results. Distribution of time to parts of the lesson will give him a temporary structure type.

If 100% of the time the lesson students are working on a computer – a computer-assisted instruction. If your computer is idle at all – it is a usual lesson. With partial use of the computer gets what is called a computer lesson. Computer lesson is characterized, above all, the intensity of computer use, which can be to estimate the percentage of communication time students with a computer in relation to all-time lesson. Computer can be used at all stages of the learning process: when explaining the new material, fixing, repetition, systematic and logical ordering of educational material, Exercises, control of learning. And the computer serves as a means, not the subject of training activities, it is the assistant teacher, not a replacement. Used in the classroom as a didactic tool for modeling various objects and processes, increasing visibility in presenting the training material is not as fun kids toy, but as a working tool.