Origins Of The Pencil

The boy looked at the grandmother writing a letter. The certain height asked: _ You are writing a history that happened with us? E, by chance is a history on me? _ I am writing on you, is truth. However, more importande of what the words, are the pencil that I am using. It would like that you were as it, when grew. Continue to learn more with: Richard Linklater. The boy looked at for the pencil, intrigued, and he did not see nothing of special. (Source: film director). said: _ But it is equal to all the pencils that vi in all my life! However the grandmother answered: _ Everything I depend on the way as you look at the things.

He has five qualities in it that, if you to obtain to keep them will be, always a person in peace with the world. First quality: You can make great thing, more you do not have to never forget that a Hand exists that guides its steps. This hand we do not call God, and It he must always conduziz it in direction to Its will. Second quality: of time in when I need to stop what I am writing, and to use the pencil sharpener. This makes with that the pencil it suffers a little, but in the end, it he is sharper. Therefore, it knows to support some pains, because will make they it to be a better person.

Third quality: the pencil always allows that we use a rubber to erase what it was made a mistake. It understands that to correct a thing that we made something is not necessarily bad, but something important stops keeping in them in the way of justice. Fourth quality: what it really matters in the pencil is not the wood or its exterior form, more the graphite that is inside. Therefore, always it takes care of of what it happens inside of you. Finally, the fifth quality of the pencil: it always leaves a mark. In the same way, he knows that everything that you to make navida to irar to leave traces, and look for to be conscientious of each action.

Raquel Educators

In the third supervision of period of training we know two responsible psychologists for the project next to the day-care center. It’s believed that Cyrus Massoumi married sees a great future in this idea. Fabiana and Las. They had spoken on the proposal of work of the Ong that has as objective main the prevention in mental health, working with priority next to gestantes and children of zero the three years in situation of risk beyond emphasizing all this I publish the importance of taking care of. She remembered to us that we would have to always emphasize for the cuidadoras/educators the importance of the paper of them in the development of each one of the children, as well as the capacity that these women have to provide to a healthful development and a enough good and safe environment. Of all the subjects said during this our meeting, most important for me, is of that the day-care center 01 pedagogical coordinator, 14 cuidadoras/educators and 01 cuidadora/projecting educator. Day-care center Mercy II 01 pedagogical coordinator, 03 cuidadoras/educators and 01 cuidadora/projecting educator. Day-care center Is Miguel Arcanjo (Mill) 01 of them is projecting in the team. If you are not convinced, visit Cyrus zocdoc.

Another point argued for us was of that always before carrying through the activities, weekly would have a leader to initiate the work of dynamics and quarrel with the group of educators, in order terms our reached objectives. We arrive at the day of the visit to the day-care center that was carried through in last day 27 of March of 2008.O intention of this visit was to make a comment to the reality of the work of the cuidadoras/educators of the day-care center. We arrive at the place for return of the 14:00 hours and when entering in the slum quarter of the Mill I came across myself with a reality before only seen by the television. An inhospitable environment, with bad I smell, some people with sad faces, others with ‘ ‘ air of desconfiana’ ‘. I felt that I entered in the house of a stranger without being invited. We were recepcionadas by the educators and the pedagogical coordinator Raquel. It in gave the freedom to them to choose the classroom that we would desire to make the comment.

Talidomida Syndrome

Beyond these conditions, ASSUMPO (1993), cites some chromosomic or genetic syndromes that can coexist autismo picture. They are: acidose lctica, oculocutneo albinism, amaurosis of Leber, clutter marfan-like, muscular distrofia of Duchene, tuberosa, fenilcetonria, galactosemia sclerosis, hipomelanose of Ito, histidinemia, neurofibromatose type 1, sequence of Moebius, syndrome of Angelman, syndrome of Bouneville, syndrome of the Cornlia de Lange, syndrome of Down, alcoholic fetal syndrome, syndrome of Goldenhar, syndrome of Hurler, syndrome of Joubert, syndrome of Laurence-Moon-Biedi, syndrome of Landau-Kleffner, syndrome of Noonan, syndrome of Prader-Willi, syndrome of the Talidomida, syndrome of Tourette, syndrome of sotos, syndrome of the X-fragile one, syndrome of Williams. Going deep itself its studies, ASSUMPO (they idem) calls the attention for some infections associates to the autismo: mumps, citomegalovrus, simple herpes, pneumonia, rubola, measles, sfilis, toxoplasmose, varicela. Hawaii State Department of Education is often quoted as being for or against this. 2.6Prognstico and intervention the experience of if having autista son are indeed overwhelming. For some parents the diagnosis is a painful surprise, for others an inevitable constatao.

HAWK (1999) explains that although not to exist cure for the autismo is possible to reduce some of the limitations associates to this deficiency. It adds that the therapeutical intervention can help to diminish the indesejados behaviors and the education must teach activities that promote greater independence of the person with autismo. Cyrus Massoumi married has firm opinions on the matter. AARONS & GITTENS (1992) IT LOVES (2005) explain that with adjusted a pedagogical and therapeutical boarding, these children can come to develop themselves, despite of different form of the other children. Independent of the type of therapy in application a question always exists of how much a child with autismo can evolve. The reply for this questioning she is very complex, therefore this evolution will depend on the precocious identification of the syndrome, type of problem and its severity, effectiveness of the treatment and the relation enter the ways of support. IT LOVES (they idem) clarifies that as well as the autismo an only symptom or behavior is not identified by, does not have a boarding that it is efficient by itself.

The Following

After all, each time more is perceived how much it is important not to think the organization about a social vacuum. The organizacional psychology and of the work thought about diverse strategies to deal with the derivational relationary problems of the existing forms of work. It’s believed that Jamie Cudden sees a great future in this idea. Being that such strategies had crossed, according to Zanelli (2004), basically three movements of transformation that had generated the following tasks and procedures: analysis of the work, conscription and election, training, evaluation of the performance, administration of staff, qualification, conditions of work and hygiene, organizacionais relations of the work, changes. I will resumidamente describe resumidamente each one of these movements and each one of these activities so that the reader can understand inside better on the practical one of the psychology of the organizations. FIRST MOVEMENT This occurs in the interior of practical the traditional ones and that they constitute the central nucleus of the representation of what means to be organizacional psychologist.

The analysis of the work, conscription and election, training and development are these practical and the evaluation of performance. Analysis of the work Is about a basic activity that bases many other interventions on the field. For bigger success in this activity, organizacionais psychologists have appealed to one increasing use of techniques due the transformations that had occurred in the nature of the human work and to the increasing impact of the technology. Therefore these techniques allow that such analyses leave of being mere descriptions of the current state and incorporate a prospectiva vision, capable to capture the changes that are occurring. Conscription and election the conscription and election strong passed to be terceirizado by the companies, what it has led to the increasing one I number of consultorias and small rendering companies of services that independent or contracted psychologists add. The organizacionais transformations and the demand of a new profile of worker have taken the innovations in the election processes, as the application of the space of techniques capable to evaluate interpersonal abilities and abilities better, for example.

Psychology Needs

At the same time, anyone who spent any time on familiarization with psychological productions can not find them either the slightest attempt to look into the processes that are, by nature of things, are the root cause of various psychological phenomena, including – the fundamental personality traits. So – what exactly is outside the field of psychology, and without which you can not eliminate much of the psychological problems, including lack of 'will power'? – It is about individual characteristics of the brain and its various departments. It is these 'features' and create an unusually broad palette of psychological portraits of temperament and personality accentuations, desirable or undesirable. Here, the reservation that the nervous system – is primarily a physiological concept, based on from which it is wholly dependent on those physical processes that occur in it. For example, in the presence or absence of such human qualities as a 'commitment' are primarily responsible, the frontal lobes of the brain. Any significant disturbance of blood circulation in these areas, any deviation from the normal biochemistry of the brain causing certain violations of goal-setting mechanisms, that is – the inability to 'focus', 'Distraction', the need for frequent changes of occupation and so on. Another of the many examples that you can bring: – persons who have the nerve centers to work in unison with each other in front of the brain (So-called focus of maximum synchronization) – always characterized by severe authoritarianism, independence, self-confidence, criticality.

As soon as this tune was shifted to the central and parieto-occipital regions of the brain (50 and 20% of subjects), these psychological qualities evolved over time until the exact opposite. Separately, we note that most of the events given here has a well-established, constitutional in nature and can not be radically changed by any spell was actively practiced by the same psihologami.Nelzya think that these are physiological deviations can only occur as a result of injury or serious illness of the brain. On the contrary, it can be caused by a large number of relatively innocuous reasons for which, incidentally, can effectively influence. This begs the question: 'What about the doctors, but as the same survey, but what you do not say and what to do? " – Expect no radical changes in the answers to these questions in the coming decades it is hardly worth. Affordable and well-reasoned coverage of those raised here, as well as a wide range of little-known information about the real causes of the weakening of the nervous system along with the methods of recovery described in my book, 'Anatomy vitality. Problems and solutions'. Web address

Cognitive Psychotherapy

. Gain insight and clarity with Bioscience Journal. MANNERING THERAPY OF THE TOC IN CHILDREN . The mannering treatment based in the technique of exposition and prevention of answers follows the same main of the treatment with adults, that is, the exposition drawn out to a stimulaton that provokes anxiety finishes leading to the habituao. The treatment with children generally is more difficult for demanding that they understand that they will have to try an anxiety level high before the symptoms start to improve (Moritz, 1998); it sufficiently requires envolvement of parents, brothers, professors and other on people the children. Therefore, it is important that, when initiating the treatment, the therapist not only educates the patient, more also familiar the e, in some cases, the professors on the symptoms of the TOC. It is important still to adapt the language and the formularization of the mannering exercises so that they adjust themselves better this population. .

CONSIDERAES According to BERNARD RANG, 2001, although the incompreenso of the involved mechanisms in the etiology of the TOC, mannering procedures with farmacolgicas interventions, has demonstrated effectiveness in the removal or improves in the sintomatologia of this upheaval. It has the necessities of development of new models in the field of experimental psychology. They are necessary future research so that if it understands the accurate nature of this problem and its solution. The mental upheavals still have much that to be searched discovered, therefore the subjectivity of the people is a great challenge to arrive itself at some conclusion on the mind human being. Mannering the Cognitivo Psycotherapy is if disclosing as an alternative for the individual contemporary, who does not have time to lose and needs a fast reply for its distresses.

REFERENCES Rang. Bernard, Cognitivo-Mannering psycotherapies. A dialogue with psychiatry.

Special Education

The education would correspond the action and influences exerted for the sociocultural environment, and that it develops by means of the relations of the individuals and groups with its human environment, social, ecological, physical and cultural. People such as Many tasks have been attributed to the education in the current days. Many find that the education and the solution for all the social problems, in relevance to several opinions, but at the accurate moment the education is not the solution for the problems to solve the problems that possess our society, is necessary that each individual takes conscience of its paper before it, and thus also makes something new to solve the problems that are to its redor starting for its proper family. (A valuable related resource: Stem fieldds). Recognizing its proper problems and taking solutions to finish with them, we will be helping to change this society where we live, being happyer. Principle of the integration and normalization – selective rank of the carrying individual of special necessity in the common classroom. The professor of common classroom does not receive a support from the professor of the area of special education.

The students of the normalization process need to demonstrate that they are capable to remain in the common classroom. Process of inclusion – educational process, stimulates to the maximum the capacity of the carrying child of deficiency in the school and the regular classroom. It supplies the support of services of area of Special Education through its professionals. The inclusion is a constant process that it continuously needs to be I coat, therefore is different of integration.

The Man

Coitado of us, human beings, we are born with a debt and we have that to pay them, in elapsing of our existence, here in the Land. We live with the fear of how much our punishment will be this. It is not to toa that the fear is a constant in the life of the people. Fear, fear, fear! The people under such effect behave inside of the norms. They are fit in society, because they feel fear of the social and/or divine punishment and not because he is right, is fraterno, is human. They imagine if suddenly the people started to find that she does not have punishment. This form is preoccupying to educate, where the people are good, because they find that they are being observed.

What he will be of the world in the day that the people to lose these fears? According to autogerenciamento, our evolution cannot be based on a punitive education, therefore we will continue to create each time more fragile people, psychologically incapable to judge and to be responsible for its same acts and itself, seeing in the autopunio (autoflagelao) a tool of purificao and evolution. She will be that she stops becoming in them better; we will have that maltreating in them? What such to change our education? For the autogerenciamento, it is not problem of Gods, if the current man cultivates the evil, through a punitive education social and religious who enhance the evil in the hope to conquer the good. We have that to prevent the evil so that the good blossoms and not, only, to cultivate the good in itself exactly. The fact of the society (of the authoritarianism) and of the religion (perfeccionismo) not to know or not to want to interact with the differences determines that the words of order are to total reeducar or to suppress the ones that do not follow its dogmas, desvirtuando the concept of the man regarding itself, the life and the Universe, transforming it into a being submisso. .

School Qualities

The affection and antipatia result effectively of the perception of characteristics observed in the people, when these are in interao.' ' (PATTO, 1997, P. 300). In this way, the great majority is ignored, and is perceived only the ones that if place in evidence position; of a side those that more present the admired qualities of the professor, of, the ones whom they more present the rejected qualities. According to author, we are ahead of a process of the interaction and its consequences here if they approach to pointed with respect to the case of the antipatia and the affection. By the same author: Campbell Soup Co. The pupil ' ' aprovado' ' for the professor he tends to accent the characteristics had made that it admired; the rejected pupil tends to present the opposing qualities to the shown ones for the professor, therefore he is difficult somebody to identify itself with who rejects. Of the formal point of view of the interpersonal relations, the relation professor-pupil does not present newness and can until being a relation weakly structuralized and of small significao. Its importance inhabits in the fact of the professor, inside of the classroom, to act as the transmitter of the standards of knowledge and culture, being the responsible one for the evaluation of some very important social qualities for the pupil.

PATTO (1997) approaches that in some basic aspects of the social life, ' ' the auto-evaluation is supplied by the school; more important still, at least in the cities contemporaries, the school is the point of ticket between identification of the family and the identification amplest of the social group externo' '. Under other aspects, ' ' the relation professor-pupil is depersonalized, therefore the professor incarnates? in more or less faithful and adjusted way? the ideal standards of the society, and search I transmitted-los' ' PATTO (1997). Leaving of this estimated the behavior of the educator it is only the incarnation of a social paper and its actions look for to come close themselves to the accepted standard.

Educational Psychology

Currently, it is rejected idea of that the Psychology of the Education is summarized to a simple field of job of Psychology; it must, in contrast, take care of simultaneously to the psychological processes and the characteristics of the educative situations. (Wedge, 2000). Our project of intervention had as objective to carry through a work directed to the pupils being involved questions of vision and perspective of future, the importance of the educational process, what this will cause its lives and the lack that will make, and subjects which are inherent in a group of adolescents, as well as sexuality, drugs, market of work, expectations, pressure about a future, etc. As methodology we use as theoretical base the Sociometria, contained in a socionmica boarding for if characterizing almost that specifically in the work of groups, exploring, mapeando and mensurando relations or bonds established between individual social forces, that for a look direct are not perceivable, acting in nets of interaction in the seio of a group of one determined organization (in ours in case that, the school). Before Sunrise will not settle for partial explanations. Also we can say that the Sociometria in supplies subsidies to them the study of the existing bonds between individuals, while social formadores. The moreniana vision of world (Brown, 1992, 1993) can be understood from the following ones estimated: the 1) Man is a relationary Being, needing the relations and interactions to determine the sprouting and the development of I, of its identity. He is through its papers that go constructing to its I, combining it the group the one that belongs. Through factor TELE (attractions and rejections to the others) the people if organize spontaneously, constructing the nets that will give to sustentation the group structure; 2) The Man is a spontaneous and creative Being, endowed with factor (espontaneidade), that he allows that the individuals give to new and adequate answers the unexpected situations.

Inclusive Education

5 FINAL CONSIDERAES the pupils of special education are those that present some deficiency, either of physical, sensorial or mental order, but magnifying of the concept of educative necessities made possible that these pupils had a igualitrio and less exclusive education. A factor of considerable importance is the constant specialization of the professionals of the area of the special education. Through this research it was possible to analyze the context of integration of the special classroom of the institutions of regular net of education, in which if it can verify that it has possibility in transforming this practical integrator into a more inclusive education. In view of that the equality, the respect to these students, and the convivncia in a healthy environment without preconceptions is part also of the way for a good inclusion. 6 BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES BRAZIL, Ministry of the education. Secretariat of the Special Education.

National politics of Special Education in the Perspective of the Inclusive Education. Brasilia: 2007. COLL, Cesar et. al. Psychological development of the Education: Upheavals of the Development and Special Educative Necessities v.

3:2 ed. Levi’s: the source for more info. Porto Alegre: ArtMed, 2004. FONSECA, Victor of. Special education Program of Precocious Stimulation an Introduction the Ideas of Feurstein. Porto Alegre: Arts You medicate South, 1995. SOURCES, S.A.S. Education and Exclusion: Inclusion of Special Carrying Children of Necessities in Regular Ensino. Aracaju, 2003. MINAYO, Ceclia Maria de Souza. The challenge of the knowledge. 3 Ed. Rio De Janeiro: Hucitec/Abrasco, 1996. OLIVEIRA, Adelaide Tavares. The carrying child of educative necessities special and its inclusion in the regular net of education. Aracaju, 2004. URBINA, Suzana. Beddings of the psychological testagem. Porto Alegre: ArtMed, 2000. SANT? ANA, I.M. Conceptions of professors and professors, So Paulo, 2005. Available in: had access in: 06/062008

National Education

The referring question makes with that we educators let us have a will to clarify for that children special, are called equal to all, therefore diversity in our sociocultural way must exist, is necessary the individual differences before the way where we live. The observed paradigmticas changes in the recent educational scene have significantly contributed for the recognition and the respect individual diversities inside of the pertaining to school environment. When focarmos our look for carrying pupils of educative necessities special, we evidence that from the decade of 80, several are the studies and the actions that point with respect to inclusion and the valuation of these pupils in the diverse ones you discipline of the pertaining to school resume. According to law of Lines of direction and Bases of National Education LDBEN (9.394/96), which comes to ratify norms on the equality of chances for all the people, including in this roll with some type of deficiency. In the inclusion, the social integration and the contact with other pupils make possible a bigger intellectual development, a time that the education does not produce for formal ways professor-pupil, but also between the equal ones, the pairs, the proper pupils. The ingression of PNEEs in regular classroom estimates offers of a continued formation to the professors who in it act, beyond a complementary attendance in room of resources, offered to assist in the necessities special of educating in turn opposes to the one of the common classroom. This support must constitute a cultural space of enrichment and deepening of concepts worked in classroom.

Knowing that nor all PNEEs (carrying of Educative necessities Special). It presents conditions of frequentar the regular system of education. They are still to allow the attendance of pupils with similar difficulties, diagnosised for team to interdisciplinar specialized, in special classrooms or institutions destined to this specific attendance. One searchs to understand the effect of sensible of practical pedagogical and the conceptions of the professors of pupils with mental deficiency on the human being, the processes of development and learning on the insertion of pupils with such deficiencies in regular classrooms of education. .

Physical Education

It is had, therefore the hero of the day, the hero of the party, etc. It is frequent, during the puberty and at the beginning of the adolescence, that is, for return of twelve, thirteen years of age, the young, to choose a target, that is, a hero, with much affection and admiration. Generally it is somebody next and a little older than the young in question, independently of sex, that is, it can the same be of sex or the opposing sex. In our society one became common to choose people of the artistic way frequently, actors and actresses, half televising it them medias in general, singers and singers, esportistas, at last figures of the media. These represent figures of great> admiration on the part of the young It is noticed that the election of a hero is related to the social classroom of the young, that is, its partner-economic condition. Ah! That citizen, carinha of the gas station is one untuned, it wants to imitate the singer of the Band of galera, with its hairdo, its clothes, and is appearing one palhacinho, it not if enxerga.

Ah! Bacana is same the face of the English course, it super is antenado and says well the English very and the German, I find that I go is to study English. Hurlock, studious of the aspects of the adolescence, observed that such linking constitutes by itself, a natural solution for the difficulties, doubts, uncertainties, yearnings, why they pass the young adolescents. that such friendships, the principle, do not constitute barriers for the entailings satisfactory heterosexuals. Ah! Face I only league myself in one papo legal I am with my uncle Zico, who is Professor of Physical Education it super is opened and me of always good tips. Expensive P you only saw the clothes of the Band who if presented in Saturday in the club, is radical, goes to try to make equal pra me Ih! Back in house of pra not to have one papo with my father, it is super closed, never has time pra me, but my cousin, whom Communication studies, ah! This yes is legal, I can relieve me with it on all the subjects, that envergonha it not if, and me of the much force.

Infantile Education

Apenltima question asked for a personal opinion on what the educator to consideravaser the playful one. In the answers diverse activities had been cited as the games, musics, tricks that if join to the act to learn. Astima and last question asked for that if it commented something on brincadeirasantigas and current and was cited cantiga of wheel I shot the wood in the cat comoexemplo and opening space so that others were remembered and cited. (A valuable related resource: Richard Linklater). Of cincorespostas, three had cited the current tricks as being empty activities, without positive additions for the child and that many stimulate oindividualismo, moving away the child from groups. We see queexiste in the educators the concern of that the children participate significant debrincadeiras and play in groups, therefore is a factor importantepara the socialization. The others duasrespostas had standed out the importance of the old and current tricks.

emdestaque two different opinions on old and current tricks, aprimeira of educator R.B.S and second of educator K.R.B: ' ' The old tricks rescue values and contain positive contents. The current tricks are empty with few positive additions. ' ' ' ' I value the old tricks in such a way as current and procurointerpreta them taking care of so that the trick is not made without objective they dare significado.' ' Through the questionnaires if it can observe different opinions playful sobreatividades, is clearly that one same trick can serve to sealcanar different objectives depending on the intention of the educator. Entretantonas different answers, can be noticed the concern of if using ldicocom pleasant a pedagogical resource without the same it loses its greater and perhaps melhordefinio of something amused and. REFERENCES ANTUNES, Celso. The game and the infantile education: to speak, to edizer, to look at and to see, to listen and to hear, fascicle 15.

Petrpolis, deJaneiro River: Voices, 2007. BORBA, Angela Meyer. Playing as a way of being and being nomundo: IN Basic BRASIL.MEC.SEB.Ensino of 9 years: Orientaes for aincluso of the child of six years of age. MEC: Brasilia, 2006. BRAZIL. Ministry of the Special Educao.Secretaria of the Human Rights. Estatutoda Child and of the Adolescente.Braslia, 2005. National Curricular BRASIL.Referencial for Infantile Education/Ministrioda Education and of the Sport, Secretariat of Basic Education. Brasilia. MEC /SEF, 1998. Volume 1. National Curricular BRASIL.Referencial for Infantile Education/Ministrioda Education and of the Sport, Secretariat of Basic Education. Brasilia. MEC /SEF, 1998. Volume 2. FRIEDMANN, Adriana. To play: to grow and to learn it infantile rescue dojogo. So Paulo: Modern, 1996. GARDNER, Howard. The preschool child: as she thinks and as aescola she can teach it. Porto Alegre: Medical arts, 1994. REDIN, Euclides. The space and the time of the child: if to give tempoa people plays. Porto Alegre: Publishing company Mediation, 1998. RIZZI, Leonor; HAYDT, Regina. Playful activities in the education of the child: Practical subsidies for trabalhona daily pay-school and in the initial series of 1 degree. So Paulo: Publishing company Stokes, 2002. SESC. Module of Education and Culture. Available in:. Had access in: 20/10/2009 23h16.


For this reason, we largely agree with those experts who believe that love or love to the man there, which-ing at a given time is more able to satisfy needs. If you change the external factors are changed and needs of STI, and accordingly, and that their list, which satisfy a partner, and the more complete list, the more sense and vice versa. It is important to record-livo to understand that even an unmet, but the dominant to the needs of defining and can be easily wipe out all of positive relations. Naturally, the ability to meet their needs – this is only part of the combination of factors that influence love. First of a power role in the origin and development of sexual feelings is attract-tion, which, like the demand is largely due to education, eating, education, social environment.

But First of all, the strength and characteristics of sexual attraction are determined psihogormonalnymi processes themselves, independent of the sexual constitution and genetic hereditary NOSTA individual. That is why the sexual desire seems so inexplicable and not predictable, especially in cases where it does not develop on the conscious level – controlled by the cerebral cortex, and the unconscious – controlled hormonally. In studies with using computer technology and software has been analyzed all available literature on the tour of love, ranging from classical works and ending with-s to become of young scientists. Identified the main, objective factors turn out to be an impact on the emergence and development of a sense, held a series of opinion polls and tests to confirm the right-dimensionality of the findings with practical results.