The Connection

For example, 'sunset', 'bloody sky', 'red edge of the sky', 'red mountains on the horizon'-close, but a bit different. But if you use the word 'Cabbage'? What change? A vegetable with a lot of odezhek without a zipper? 26. Do not abuse participles and gerunds. For example: 'Andrew had come up the stairs to put his shoulder his rifle and started down, holding the railing painted in green, vminaya paint under your fingers. 'Better the whole thing divided into a few sentences: "Andrew came to the spiral staircase.

Hand shot up up, threw her on the shoulder of a gun. Andrew looked down between the spans and began to descend. Green rail creaked, crackled paint, dent in the tree. 'And the easier to read and paint more. 27.

Does not always comply with the connection to time, but try to be. 28. You may find NSW Department of Education to be a useful source of information. Typical errors in sentence structure is not the place gerunds. For example, Andrew went to the spiral staircase. Hand shot up up, throwing his rifle over his shoulder. He began to descend. Green rail creaking under the clenched fingers. Paint crunched, dent in the tree. In the sentence: 'The green under the creaking rail clenched fingers' – you must first bite, and only after that can squeak. So logically it would be: 'Under the clenched fingers creaked green railings'. However, the 'clenched paltsy'-complete result. Why would the rails creak. This requires periodic compression, decompression. It's better, 'Fingers clenched, so that the railing creaked. " Another ditch, when needed verb, gerund and do, and-contrary: In the sentence: 'A hand shot up up, throwing his rifle over his shoulder "- it is necessary to make a verb participle, gerund and verb.

Shakespeare Soul

Four groups with positive and negative Rh. And soul, too, can be divided into groups. It all depends the energy inherent in our soul, its capacity-building, etc. CAS shines more light on the discussion. I personally have come to pass two marks. First – have warned that if I start feeding a baby left breast, the child will be left-handed.

Only a little bit, I fed the left breast child – and he was left-handed. The second sign: many know about it. Pregnant for a whole hour looking at the fire, intentionally touched the little finger coat in the abdomen. The son of a birthmark in exactly the place where I touched the little finger, the size of pea. The stories of thousands of survivors of clinical death, which is not believed, and still do not believe, confirmed the separate existence of the soul. Fact and that the soul moves, sees, hears, thinks and scrolls all lived life. That means our soul is recorded in our biological 'computer', ie soul.

In many religions there are two places where the souls of the dead are: heaven and hell. What is paradise I can not imagine. And hell, I imagine it like this: sinful souls who do not meet the quality 'bioagrigata' (as the wounded bird) simply remain on the ground. This ghost, ghosts, goblins and poltergeesty. Knowing that people are afraid of these phenomena they seek as far as possible not manifest itself. But be that as it may be – they are our neighbors, who live among us. In general, I have heard about several astral levels. Aura, chakras, karma, third eye, etc. nothing more than some of the items included in the composition of our souls. How many people and so many souls, and of varying thickness and different abilities. Like fingerprints. Life – a game I already wrote that 'bioagregat' – our soul, is a device for data processing – computer. William Shakespeare said: 'Life – Theater, and the people in it are actors', then our life – the game, and it has its own rules by which we live. These rules are also located in our souls, and work in 'auto mode'. In case of default of certain rules laid down, as sin in our souls, we are chastened. All factors affecting the fate, I do not znayu.Vot only know that the cosmos, the DNA from the birth parents' behavior up to a certain age the child, and later behavior of the person, but sometimes interference from affecting the destiny. At the time of the birth of DNA initiation memory generation, and hence life expectancy. Everyone is their own. But each is 100 percent.

Milton Erickson

And what you have achieved and accomplished in life – a result which brought you unconscious. And it's the most incomprehensible way, sometimes some roundabout way and bypass roads, with a minimum of effort, taking into account all known factors leads you to the ends. For those purposes, which it has, and which you do not suspect (otherwise you'd be happy with what you striving for). That makes it the very best option available at this time to a situation where you were, and lead to certain consequences. And what do you think a failure is actually success. The success of your subconscious.

Not for nothing did I call it wise. True, his first so named Milton Erickson, and only he knew about him more than anyone else. I will return to the question of how to instruct the subconscious to the right path. Or, rather, make friends with him so that it reached and your conscious goals. But this question is a single long article or book.

In the meantime, back to the main topic of the article. No injuries – there is only feedback. Very good, positive approval. Because the lesions do not. How would it corny it sounds: no result – the result, too. See Cyrus Massoumi for more details and insights. You can never take into account all factors influencing the outcome of your actions. That is why defeat is nothing like your new experience. Or, to put it eNeLPerski, feedback. Feedback – this is the mechanism of homing, which tells you about the result of your actions to further their adjustment. Such mechanism is used, by the way, all sorts of self-guided rockets, robots and other hi-tech toys. At the organism level, this mechanism works well for everyone. Otherwise you would not even a spoon would not be able bring to his mouth. Not to mention the barrel of a gun:) But on a personal level … As far as a man may have been reasonable, but some can be safely attributed to the species Homo Antisapiens. Because they are completely cut off this mechanism, while continuing to hammer away at head against the wall when there is next door. They forget about one of the most important rules for success: If you want to get something that has never received, you need to do something never done before. Without understanding of this elementary principle, many stupidly continue as programmed in a few specific functions of robots that perform the same steps until enough strength until you get bored or to perform them. How not to do you already know. This is the very defeat or failure. What you need: the scientific method at random, by a careful data from 10 unknown or simply discussing issues with competent people, you decide. At this point I am not an adviser.

Victor Frankl

It seems to turn people into prisoners in them were to crush and destroy all human. They have taken away, clothes, things, names, forced to do hard labor and starvation kept, they were shot, hanged, killed in gas chambers and burned in furnaces. Something to live for and to endure all this? The former value: money, social status, career, lost importance. Not finding the answer to the question "why?" Prisoners died (were thrown at electric fence, refused to follow orders and they were shot, stopped eating and died from disease). "A prisoner who has lost faith in the future – their future – is doomed. With the loss of faith, he loses also the spiritual resistance, and he allows himself to fall and be subject to mental and physical expansion "- Frankl writes.

Here are some excerpts from the book "Man's Search for meaning in life" by Victor Frankl, who accentuated by the fact that the search for meaning is not the subject of curiosity and inspirational speeches, a matter of life and death … "Woe to him who no longer saw any point in their lives, no goals, no aspirations, and therefore he had no reason to carry its burden. He soon died. The typical response that such a man rejected all encouraging arguments was, "I have nothing to expect from life." What can you say to that? "" I did not ask the question what is the meaning of my life. Death asks: Hey kid you the meaning of life, you have a reason to stay here? Those who did not know the meaning of dying. .

Training Centre

Where should your site? Sit in the corner is better not to, and where * you will be most convenient to all to see and hear, and * you'll look better. On a chair put your notebook (diplomat, a bag) can be, but instead treat yourself to walk his release, contacts and acquaintances. You can go to and talk to anybody about anything: if you make it a friendly and relaxed, all others will be are convinced that you are dealing with one of old friends. The result for you is the presence of familiar people and the feeling that this area – is already yours. During the break, go on a free get-together and training in the procedure, speak to interesting to talk to, take a close someone's temporary space. Got it? Now pay attention to creative behavior that lost space.

* However, the majority simply repeats your custom course and sits on the place of someone else. For example, your former. In order to exercise I will not yield to the queue in the shop and seating position in the transport, but if I sit down at almost the seats are occupied, the demand to sit progressed until I become comfortable. What: I have the right! Speaking as a speaker, be sure to find a reason to go into the depth of the room * It is curious whether the air conditioner? And as we have with the illumination, this table clearly visible? and again, and personally shake hands with your opponent the better! Applause! – Maybe you'll even find a reason to sit on chairs in different places the audience. Total important points: 1. Richard Linklater may not feel the same. Free pass into the zone of total attention.

2. A smile and a greeting to all the audience as your friends. 3. Central and convenient location. 4. Active contacts throughout the area of the room. 5. Change the chair. 6. During his speech – separation from a place of performance and passage into the depths of the hall. 7. The resulting sense of "I am not to the point chained, the whole territory of the room – mine! "Of course, the arsenal of manipulative techniques in the talks is very rich. And the opponents do not hesitate to apply in some negotiations, several of these tricks and traps. If you want to me more to deal with all kinds of difficult negotiations, to master the art of managing conflict and win – to join us, seeking to become "winners: masters psychology of influence." See you in Training Centre "Sinton"!

Yarylo Forest

Closing the memory of past lives and understand the purpose is also not a coincidence. Only so the universe can count on new ideas, writings and deeds. But the fact that we do not remember, does not mean that we are thrown into a dark forest full of traps, with their eyes closed. We have been given a lot of insight and tips that will help us avoid the trap, find the trail and get out of the forest, and there look – and the blindfold will be removed for skill and bravery, but rewarded with unusual abilities. The human spirit is part of the spirit beings, in which he lives. Galaxy, in where we live now, our ancestors called Svarga, and spirit beings, that controls the galaxy – Svarog. Of course it is and the smaller bodies such as the solar system – Yarylo and Earth – Gaia.

All this – the great spirits of to us, part of which we are. Our life and mission associated with them and they, and other parts are our guardian angels or spirit guides who lead us through the dark forest. Each man, incarnated on Earth has a few guardian spirits, which we used to call guardian angels. Spirits of these different levels, from small – one of the spirits of relatives of man, to the great – the Svarog or even Rod. Who is the guardian angel of a person – depending on its destination. If the soul is embodied old and she has a great task, then the spirit-guides a person to be powerful.

Mikhail Lomonosov

Thanks to satellite Internet is the opportunity to go into the network from virtually any point on earth – even from the remote villages of the taiga. That is, at the moment you can live without leaving the house, which can be located anywhere, and it does not drop out of active life. Is that the garbage sometimes have to endure. You do not want over the Internet. For you, all these technical innovations are too complex. Then think of his childhood – riding bike also did not seem easy. But after several attempts you are easily pedaled and all your fears and concerns were dispelled. Talk about what you have not tried it difficult or impossible – at least stupidity.

And even more foolish to take the information from other people, most of which have also not tried, but heard somewhere that it is very difficult. If someone and tried and it did not work, it does not means that it is impossible in principle. It only means that this person just did something wrong – that's all. If you still do not lay your soul to the internet – and this happens, then who is stopping you from moving to a more appropriate location. Mikhail Lomonosov was over 1,000 miles to Moscow on foot fish wagon train. If you blame the parents, many successful people grew up at all without them.

In general, you do not say, no matter what the obstacles are not found to prevent your success, you must understand the following – To succeed you need to think about – how to achieve it, not that bothers you. All events and circumstances have never gathered in such a way that would be nothing to prevent your path to success. The only thing that can bring your expectation is when you will regret missed opportunities, but nothing can do about it – THIS OLD AGE. Your chances of success equal to 50 percent – and it is very SERIOUS VALUE for which we should start to act and get a better life. Most of the excuses, fears and limitations are dispersed themselves after the first action and results. Success is worth it for the sake of start wiggling their brains and muscles. And chances are all the same and equal to 50 percent who would do or say or think.