Paintwork Materials

Properly made of wood trim, designed to properly design and reasonable prevention guarantee good final result and durability of wooden products. To read more click here: Yale University. Wood has specific features to consider when using it. First of all, timber – the "living material", which contains moisture. Please visit vlad doronin if you seek more information. The growing tree is fed with water through the roots and trunk, composed of longitudinal cells ("Plumbing"), connected by an adhesive substance (lignin). In the lumber and wood products preserved structure of the cells of a growing tree, so board absorbs water, and through the transverse plane is more degree than longitudinal. The moisture content of wood varies with the humidity (not to mention the direct hit of water, such as rain). In case of fluctuations of relative humidity, wood seeks to balance the moisture, ie, it dries out, losing moisture and expands (swells) when wet. This can lead to significant warping of wooden structures and products, so it is essential to reduce the inherent timber capacity for water absorption.

But the main enemies of the tree are different microorganisms (molds, algae, bacteria, fungi and antimitsety), insects and, of course, fire. Protection of wooden materials from these harmful external influences – a serious problem. In addition, the processing of wood is necessary to consider the heterogeneity of its structure along and across fibers, high porosity, and the difference in texture Depending on the species, the combination of which provides a variety of textures surfaces of different color schemes. The use of more decorative treatment of wood with paints can implement the most unthinkable decorative delights. Based on the above-mentioned specific properties of the wood to be protected from adverse environmental factors, all the paints for working with wood can be divided into two main groups: special, protective or decorative materials, or finishes. Note that many of the manufactured decorative compositions endowed with protective functions, and special protective materials and often have decorative characteristics.