Fincas Mallorca Farm

For the first time in its already long history the building dates from the distant 1992, a shy geranium gives life to one of the balconies of the ghost farm overlooking the corner of the ronda de Sant Pau with the street of the Flors, in el Raval. The building is very famous in the neighborhood because he has remained Virgin, with the line-up of apartments of high standard for sale since its construction, already makes 18 years until ago little more than one month, when a group of young squatters about 20, according to neighbors, broke into the place with the intention of staying. Since then, five opulent homes of 200 square meters, with three bathrooms, finished in luxury and unworn, Parallel metro station right next, have, finally, neighbors, even though they aren’t precisely who the mysterious property ownership would have liked. Aside from my personal opinion about the squatter phenomenon, in principle we, as traders not affects us. Click Gerald Weissmann, MD to learn more. During the day, which is when we’re here, we almost do not see them.

If it is sunny out to the balcony, with the dogs, that Yes, but nothing more. Talking Cesar Nunez, commissioned a tailoring a few meters from the farm in Mallorca. Your opinion is more or less widespread in the neighborhood, with the relevant exceptions. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of vlad doronin on most websites. While walking through the area, it is easy to check that neighbours show much more intrigued the mysteries surrounding the farm, in the presence of intruders. This block gives them a genuine mystery and years monopolizing conversations in the neighborhood.

Single-storey there are theories on the reasons why it never sold for all tastes. Some have it is because they do not have license of first occupation to have committed irregularities during its construction, ignoring and not reporting the presence of archaeological remains in the subsoil. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Richard Linklater. Others suggest that perhaps the problem is that they are too large and luxurious and consequently expensive homes to the area.

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The University

A University may not discuss whether it should be at the service of the socialism and if it will live under State control that breaks the very essence of freedom. View the lack of University response about the Fund and repeated statements about his intention to bring proposals to the very famous announced discussion, I wonder what will tell the Venezuelan University, is it just in case he wants to remain as it is and the only thing that is missing is budget? (UCV, since 1776 in the global ranking of universities and does not figure among the 50 first in Latin America). The University is just one example, one vital is clear, because she must be that quintessential produces leaders, but the picture is the same in all areas where the regime attacks with its purpose clear consolidate, finish welding the total package that already exerts on the social body. What I want to highlight is the lack of a conception of struggle, the incomprehension that liberate the rewarding package in the peace of the sepulchres that regime weaves, passes through a qualitative leap, one of the creative imagination, of liberation forces recumbent in society and those who still want to believe. Diagnoses on what represents the entire package of laws that we were put to the neck with bolt is fine, but brought the evils without neural development which I have always called leap forward, imposition of a thought, comprehension of abandonment of the conservatism that leads to the conclusion that must be kept in the status quo and that may not be called in other way than reactionary. Here we are in revolution and consequently the revolution I do it, it could be the decisive phrase, but for this purpose it is necessary to understand that the ancien cannot be reinstated regimen nor declare victim every day, but go to the approach of a new conception of new institutions and mounted on a construction that implies new social organizations, ideificacion of new procedures, establishment of a voice that Lemieux to the social sectors already convinced of being a stage higher than that of the past. However, sneeze as any response and sneezing believe show a health barely affected by a cold foolproof. It is what I have called the insurgency, which can also conceptualized as stop sneezing and demonstrate the health with a tsunami of ideas and praxis with the avalanche of a country that breaks this satisfying packaging imposed by the regime and restore security in an own framework, in one of a society in the process of liberation which breaks the shell and exits to impose its will.

But having a will requires a stretch of the wings of an attempting to fly, hoist the peak toward the challenge of the blue of the sky. Required concentration of wills. Upper unit I’ve called in political praxis. In the praxis of a national soul lifting flight we can call her citizenship, we can call it the conformation of a collective person, we can call it the creation of a national spirit. The country must stop sneezing. The country must ROAR. The country must stop overwinter. The country must make sure you have your feet firmly placed on the ground and make your steps make it tremble and marking the territory of our borders as a free space where its inhabitants build target.