Interior Space

The Messeturm EX POMADE storage cabin can also be used as a central and prominent design element at the booth, storage space is often scarce. To brochures, invisible-to-store advertising but also jackets and the catering, there at the booth often a suitable surface to take advantage of these components. Here, these elements for the visitors the fair system to blend of course invisible yet to make an orderly and organized impression. Storage cabin are therefore an often any desire in the booth design. Inside cabins help to collect many useful items at the stand and yet invisible to stow away the visitors. Thus, numerous items such as promotional and flyer can be stored directly at hand without every time the transporter on the fairgrounds to identify and to pick up supplies. The preparation for the catering can be made invisible with storage cabin. Positioned correctly to all necessary connections can be created on a few square meters, so that then the bar and dining area properly at the booth. Go to film director for more information.

With the mobile exhibition system EX POMADE, a storage cabin can be integrated by default in any system. This part of the stand area must be not even planned for extra added, using the outstanding trade fair Tower whose inner surface is used as storage space. The tower is represented as a central design feature in any system and can the advertising message presented in 3, 50 m height. Due to the continuous advertising space, the central advertising theme there can be placed. In three different sizes, the Tower offers the right design element for each size. Both 1 x 0, 5 m, as well as 1 x 1 m and 2 m x 1 m the tower can be used in the mass. To take advantage of the storage room cabin, can a door be installed with the EX POMADE door solution, which the convenient and secure access to the cabin allows.

The opportunity to close the door, can be stored valuables there. In addition, the door can be individually printing, so that the entrance is not visible and the advertising motive must not be interrupted. So tower can be used the EX POMADE continues as central advertising space and to use the consistent advertising space for positioning of the brand design. Through the door solution that can be installed on the left or right, this Interior on the stand can be used as storage space and fulfills two functions at once. Also best to keep order on the compact storage area, the carrying case of the EX POMADE profiles can be equipped with shelves. Thus, even the case on site can be used as shelving.

Education Stock

Home of the popular educational exchange in Dortmund! Look, inform, educate! This year, more than 70 educational and employment support their extensive qualification present. All interested persons are cordially invited! Stop by and learn about current education. Also, take the opportunity to interact with each other and to take part in interesting workshops and lectures. Not only be there”but being”! All visitors of the education market in addition to various participatory actions “take part. Education puzzle, expose and more exciting promotions are offered at this exhibition and others. For your physical well-being is also provided.

The COMCAVE.COLLEGE informed! The COMCAVE.COLLEGE team is pleased again this year, about our training and retraining services to inform, to advise you and give you our different forms of learning as well as the most modern learning methods bring closer to you. Have another special feature Was interested in the opportunity, their CV for free by one of our experienced trainers to sift. By optimizing your CV, you may increase the own chances of success on the labour market. At our booth, guests including: training specialist hosts (IHK), IT & multimedia, SAP, commercial, warehouse/logistics, management, languages, trainee programs, industrial technical, industrial retraining IT & technology, commercial, industrial technical inform himself about the AZAV certified further training and retraining in the COMCAVE.COLLEGE. The COMCAVE.COLLEGE combines the three eLearning technologies (learning management systems, virtual classroom, and eLab) to the high-tech method mix of the future. The GECS (global educational collaboration system) of the COMCAVE.COLLEGE enables practice-oriented training in full telelearning environment (anywhere). We look forward to seeing you at stand no. 3 at the Bajwa Hall! Venue: Bajwa Hall Kleppingstr. 37 44135 Dortmund de /… Opening hours of the exhibition: May 8, 2013 from 10.00-16. 00 h admission: free of charge