German University Study

Please tell me the name of a confirmation of my right to study at university in Germany. In Kiev, graduated from high school. I have a Master’s degree. Today I learned that in order to study here at UNI need confirmation that with my degree I can study here. Can you please tell what kind of evidence and where can I get? Roman2907 There are two options: first – you take the documents in assists, he examines and decides that the level of your education corresponds to the requested location, or general conditions in Germany.

Second – not all universities and fahhohshule work with assists. In this case, you are taking the documents to the Senat for review, and they make their decision as to the first case. CEO Keith McLoughlin recognizes the significance of this. I have so little girl friend was doing. I remember with her back to the company rode. In my opinion, considered and ruled somewhere for four weeks, but we are asking them to not to delay it, as had her time to apply for a summer semester, as was already the end of May.

Fractal In what specialty you master’s degree, and in what specialty you want to do? There may be special pitfalls. For example, I graduated from the Masters in CPI (Master of Computer Science), last year wanted to do graduate to Theoretische Informatik (ie, specialization is almost the same, but the other specialization.) Tsulassung got 3 out of 4 high schools (in the fourth made a mess of documents), applied for a visa – was wrapped. The official cause of failure – can not understand why I once again want to get MCSc. PS.: Documents sent via assisist. Leolia It all depends on where in college you’re going to do. Some universities are taking this responsibility on themselves and self-check your documents when deciding whether they are suitable for admission or not. But if you want a formal decision and you have already chosen the university, such as Bavaria or Baden-Wurttember – then you can contact the ZAST (Zeugnisanerkennungsstelle) data lands. With regard to Bavaria – then he is in Munich, Baden-Wuerttemberg – in Constanta. This, of course, options other than those mentioned assists or the Senate. Foxy_k right to study (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung) I have requested a renewal for Auslanderbehorde my visa for learning a foreign language in order to further entering the university. Today the Internet has found a document from the organization Behorde fur Schule und Berufsbildung, that foreign nationals who have completed higher education in other countries may free to enter any university in Germany and does not require obtaining Hochschulzugangsberechtigung. They should go directly to the university and to address these issues directly with the university. Today, just in case, call Behorde fur Schule und Berufsbildung, I was told that Now they no longer provide Hochschulzugangsberechtigung and that I and my diploma must apply directly to the university. So I think that the employee Auslanderbehorde something messed up or did not know that I have a diploma of higher education. And to say that I do not guessed. The employee Behorde fur Schule und Berufsbildung told me to print this document and shown in Auslanderbehorde. He says that this should be sufficient. My master’s degree – Management of foreign economic activity of the enterprise. Here I am I want to learn a completely different profession, the economy has no relation – Kommunikationsdesign. Source: Case.