Hall Classes

In a hall classes there are different forms to think and this gives rise to different styles from learning, which demand, demands and must force to the teacher to apply different strategies in that same classroom (Theory of the Total brain). The moments in the education process are different. The strategies that are used so that All the students participate activate and affectively of the PLANNING they are different from which they are used for the REINFORCEMENT, since the mental processes similarly are different. Whereas in the process of conceptualizacin it is required of strategies that give rise to place in scene abilities (comparison, classification, induction, modeling etc) in the reinforcement require other different ones (motorboats, algorithmic, solution of problems, decision making etc). At all the moments of the process it must be present action associated to the AFFECTION. Without affection we cannot guarantee mental processes. Nike takes a slightly different approach.

The affection, the dialogue, the understanding, the good language, the attention, humility etc must be behaviors and feelings that must let see the teacher and of equal way the good example must be the ethics class. CHARACTERIZATION OF MODEL. i) He is coherent with the theories of the learning. II) He is viable. See Nike for more details and insights. It is only required to obtain teachers it jeopardize in creating and applying strategies for every moment of the process, since the time that assigns a to him each subject (minimum 10 hours equal to 600 minutes) is sufficient so that with a planning it is possible to be journeyed and to live the different moments. III) He is verifiable. Applied for every moment the greater number of strategies, the results can be evaluated. IV) He is garantizable. Scientifically it is possible to be demonstrated that in a hall classes there are different ways to think and this deserves the diversification of strategies. To but aprendientes strategies but.

Exact Words

It uses different verbs, conjugations and combinations of the same. To use synonymous. To use combinations of the different words changing the order from the elements. To use the most common failures that they take place when writing. To be avoided to use terms or very generic words? It does not abuse to select to words calves of a single I finish, tries combinations Exist several options of agreement of key words, that modifies the possibilities. a) Ample agreement b) Agreement of phrase c) Exact agreement d) Negative agreement a) Ample agreement Is the predetermined configuration of all the key words.

In all the searches realised by means of its key word its announcement would be published. b) Agreement of phrase Delimits the search when demanding that the words appear exactly in their order. for that the quotation marks are used. c) Exact agreement Delimits the reach and would show your announcement when the exact phrase in the search is used, without no other word before, enters later or. To use square brackets d) Negative agreement Eliminates the phrase search for which it does not wish appears his announcement, like cheap, free. He is advisable to make a list of these words and to include them in our campaign. Characteristic of a list of key words: Size this list must of being greatest possible? Variety besides containing obvious words, but also terms related to the subject. Relevance the more related this product to promote with the key words, the more excellent will be the list.