Healthy Immunity

A person who is not sick, does not exist. But someone accesses to the doctors every five years, and someone goes to the hospital, seems to work. John Craig Venter might disagree with that approach. Why? Immunity – "security service" in our body. It protects us from the invasion of alien cells. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Cyrus Massoumi married. Recognize and destroy them – that's the main function of immunity. Viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites, …

– we owe them a lack of coordinated work of our immune system. But let's think about how and where we live: adverse environmental factors, frequent stress, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, work round the clock in the office, with high concentrations of microbes, dust, allergens, and lack of light. According to statistics, all these factors lead to an acute, recurrent and chronic inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis), relapses and complications of viral infections; increased propensity to infections due to weakening of the body's defenses. For the treatment of such diseases using antibiotics that are more "hit" on our immunity when doctors do not feel well, they … …

Use soft immunocorrectors. They do not replace (not stimulate) the immune system, but rather to help her cope with difficult situations. A normalization of the immune system in the right direction. So the drug is Imupret, produced by German company Bionorica. The evidence base. Several studies have proven the effectiveness of the prevention and Imupreta ARI in children's collectives. Professor TI Garashchenko (Department of Otolaryngology, Russian State Medical University) to conduct a comprehensive study of the drug Imupret to examine its effectiveness in the prevention of acute respiratory infections and influenza. K Studies have been involved children age 10 years who attended secondary school. Each of the three classes was divided into two groups: one group of students drank Imupret, and in the other group used a different scheme prevention or prophylaxis was not performed. It was proved that during the epidemic among school children who received medication, only 16% of sick children, while in the group of students, where preventive measures were not committed, 58% became ill. Thus, the use of reduced morbidity Imupreta 3.6 times. Imupret an herbal drug company Bionorica (Germany). This company has introduced completely different approach to making drugs from plant material – phytoneering. Phytoneering (phyto – plant, engineering – design, technology) – a combination of classical philosophy of herbal medicine with modern technology pharmaceuticals. Prevention – the future of medicine Admission Imupreta in the prevention of fall-winter and spring, greatly reduces your chances of contracting an ARD. It is very important that the drug suitable for the treatment of adults and children from the first year of life.

Maternal And Child Health

Probably the main issue improvement of mankind has always been and remains the question of maternal and child health. Emphasis is placed on the treatment of diseases already formed and very little attention to prevention health. Of course, the last time a lot of talk about a healthy lifestyle, held strong anti-alcohol and nicotine company, but very little information explaining the process of maintaining health in the human body. In the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is a very topical saying: "What is below is like that which is above and what is at the top, just below that …." And indeed, if carefully look at the world around you will notice the amazing coincidence and repetition. If someone is in the draft, and then starts to ache, we're not "infected", and "purged", "pro-chilled." Why is that? And the fact that immune system during prolonged hypothermia "shrinks" as the man himself, reducing its activity and harmful bacteria are able to freely propagate. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Opportunity and Counseling Corps. In the most ancient medical systems, which applies to the Chinese traditional medicine, says that "the disease enters the human through the skin." If you think a little and keep track of the process of onset and early recovery, we can ensure correctness of such reasoning. At the beginning of human shivering – it is the penetration of a "disease" in the body, and during the recovery man sweating profusely – this process is the release of "disease" of the body.

And now take a look at what I bring these examples. Every woman's body "built" to carry out the primary task of "building", the initial feeding and educating the new man. Like our mother earth, a woman from a creates a new man, of himself and feeds him from himself provides the makings of a future intelligence. A healthy, not sickly woman of childbearing age will create a healthy egg from which develops a healthy fetus.