Teleworking For An Interpreter

I want to talk to you today on the topical theme for those for whom the Internet is no longer simply entertainment news data transfer system. Personally for me the internet has always been a huge dumping ground for various kind of information in which the process of separating the wheat from the chaff always requires a certain courage and fortitude, because professional surfing on the Internet – it has long and well paid. But omit the details – to speak going on that interests me most – telecommuting for an interpreter. The very idea, in fact, is not new, totally real and totally doable. Many of today – from large firms to the student and the student, the only difference in detail – from time to time, and sometimes permanently, there is a problem, and hence the need for translation of various sources of the same information again. Here to explain in detail does not need anything, everything is clear. and the only way out – it's translator. Someone makes a choice in favor of computer technology, and certainly faced at some stage with the "low-browed" machine processors. Frequently Cyrus Massoumi has said that publicly. Someone is trying to rely on their own capabilities, stockpile a thick dictionary, and, ultimately, is already facing a "low-browed" her, in vain Aware of the spent time at a desk in English class. (By the way, diluting the bitterness of failure in field to learn a foreign language – at school we were taught all about the same and taught, with rare exception, as one – nothing).