The Duration

from when manipulating it or you? Because our thoughts, the conscious and the unconscious, have an extraordinary power to us and our life, the degree is in fact narrow. During my deliberations for example there are no statements such as: “The and the event will occur at the 23.03.09 at 11:11”. Not that it would not work. If I would make such a statement, and the seeking of advice with his thoughts on freezing up and focus would would it probably also as or similar to arrive, but not because I was so good as a consultant, but because the seeking of advice then so has attracted to this event with the power of his mind. In psychology is called something by the way then like so-called “end of self fulfilling prophecy”.

If I instead show all possibilities and perspectives and the seeking advice themselves the decision leave, whichever way he now strikes, I put the responsibility for his life in his own hands, and this well thats my, aim, at least. Is it not still important to set a time frame when card readings? If you set no time frame, the cards give mostly views of about 3-6 months. You can determine the duration but also before a laying. Is asked for example after a change of apartment or a career, the cards illuminate even a longer period of time, whereas they are confined at the question after a two week trip just to this period. In some Legesystemen, the cards say myself when the time is right to put the card, for example if the specific situation or event has arrived. To the periods, I must still say that the validity of the cards say we is “diluted”, the longer the period is determined. Why, that is, I think, obviously. Cyrus Massoumi married shines more light on the discussion. The maps show trends and opportunities that correspond to the time of the recording.