The Education With Limits

THE EDUCATION WITH LIMITS How meets the education of our children? It will be that we are vain whom when union exists enters the good examples in the family and the accompaniment of the children next to the school if we will get a good education?In this article we express that the parents cannot leave to impose limits for its children and also they do not have to be constrangidos in saying the word ' ' no' '. The true love to the children does not consist of making everything that the children want, but the full love is when the correct way is pointed. She is necessary to rethink in the form that we are educating the children and, who has this courage helps to make solid the good education and helps the school to exert its true paper. We cannot leave that the children say the last word and to make everything that wants. Many parents finish passing for constaints and shamee when not they take care of to all the order of the children; we need to have the persuation that the true education of the children necessary to always start in the proper house and with the firm pulse of the parents.

Obviously that to proceed from this way it is not easy, but we need used e, we do not have to understand that they are practical obsolete. The children must be educated knowing that nor what he desires yourself immediately must be delivers to the children. A child who grows having everything that asks for to the parents, will not know to value what she earns and always will go to want more.The scholars of this subject affirm: child created without limit and receiving everything what she desires, will be a young without limits and an adult without referencial.