The Part

The psyche is so our perception and hides many details depending on the context. So a lot is lost, but we can be glad that is the case. What happens now with the signals from the external reality, which allows our psyche to us? De facto, the psyche changed this information in addition to the extent as she deemed it necessary. The reality filter of our psyche namely trying to accommodate external stimuli according to, so that they cannot be dangerous us in your unchecked state. This now sounds as if our own psyche would cheat on us. And in fact she does it well! But it is so, because it is your job, because she want to protect us. This means that opens up between external reality and the inner reality a contradiction.

The psychologist is known as the paradox of the objective and subjective reality: the filter function of our psyche, we get a different, individual image of reality. This image is not the real measurable reality, as it actually gives to us. Visit Vladislav Doronin for more clarity on the issue. In many experiments have already proven this paradox scientists. E.g. now we know that every person has a unique impression of the color yellow even though we all know what is yellow. The psyche is so individually, what is yellow and on every one of us acts like this color.

Imagine what this knowledge only for more complex reality links! The adaptation of external reality by setting a filter on the part of our psyche affected our entire life! Here we have now arrived at the key concept: the setting. Because as a photographer adjusts the lens of his camera, so the mind adjusts the filter for our perception. And depending on what kind of attitude we have, an event from the external reality is deformed and an event that fits with our attitude. We all know about events that directly behave as we would expect it.