The School

The social transformation mentions the changes to it for which they pass. The social reproduction has place in the measure where it has a continuity between what the people make of day for day and year for year and practical the social ones that seguem.' ' All the excerpts between quotations marks had been removed of: Anthony Giddens, ' ' Sociologia' ' , 3 edition, Gulbenkian, 2002, Lisbon. Agents of socialization as the television and the cinema contribute actively for the social reproduction. For example: during many decades in the American films the black actores only represented papers of criminals or people with professions little valued socially (servant, doormans, etc.); such situation contribua to strengthen the discrimination that existed. The School can be a factor of social mobility, but many times are limited to participate it in the process of social reproduction (and to reproduce the existing social inaqualities). For example: In 1980, two investigators had carried through an intitled study ' ' Obstacles to the Success in the Primria&#039 School; ' , where they had verified that the tax of repetncias varied clearly with the social classroom of origin. For example, in the pupils whose parents belonged to the socioprofissional group of ' ' quadros' ' , the failure tax was only of 3%: In the children of ' ' used and funcionrios' ' it passed to about 8%. For the pupils with parents ' ' operrios' ' , the failure tax reached already the house of 30%.

For the pupils with parents in precarious socioprofissional situation (occupations 0ccasional, disqualified) or badly defined, the failure tax reached 50%. Cyrus Massoumi is actively involved in the matter. () These results are convergent with the ones of other research. – (. the Coast, ' ' What it is? Sociology, Cultural&#039 Diffusion; ' , pp. 25-26.)