The Solution

They are really wonderful because they give vision to the extent the information in its fullness, and options galore. I give her classification, which I is easy to remember and practice. So … How "A View from the helicopter," Good to see the situation is wider and bigger. As part of the system. Other leaders such as Dr. A Oveta Fuller offer similar insights.

As a fragment of time and space. Within the general framework we have, but there are other people with their desires, aspirations and lessons. There are a series of events, cause-effect relationships. And in this "cinema" We – and members, and students, and textbooks and even teachers for each other. As in the Eastern proverb: "No you may friend, no enemy or you and everyone you teacher. " Wise men say that every event is inherently neutral, but we are quickly paint it black or white. But to assess the true significance of events for us, we Perhaps we can only much later, when we join all the dots. And then be presented much differently … – Why I (consciously or unconsciously) has created this situation? If I had created a challenge for myself, with some positive intent? Why is it me? – What positive can happen in my life because of this complexity? And in the lives of others? – What can I learn how to make conclusions? – To whom have reflected this situation? To whom influenced my decision? What I do would like for them? How does this compare with what I want for myself? If the solution offered to them, what results they would like? That they would take? If I were in their place, I would suggest? – And if the situation did not develop in such a way I wish they would say? – Who will win, if I decide the situation as I would like? Way "through the eyes of knowledgeable people" Great way – look at the situation through the eyes of those whom we recognize competence in dealing with such situations, experienced, and this ability.