The Time

A struggle that is lost before it can be subject to appeal. It is time again to call the problem name: in capitalist structures of neo-liberal forms, each form of protest is other culturalized, i.e. the social structures adapt what is to their modernization and perpetuation of benefit and thus destabilize the potential of protest movements to transform society as a whole. A good example is the feminism, which has succeeded with laborious effort and in the course of social and economic changes, to create a social situation which enables women in many Western countries at least potentially have the opportunity to be professionally as successful as men (which doesn’t change the fact that they are all over the world still getting worse paid than men). More in Common pursues this goal as well. “The phenomenon, which successfully under the brand name of pop feminism” is marketed, is however suggest another way: today’s style turbo capitalism can no families afford, where there is only a breadwinner, to be profitable. Not for nothing the West child poverty and a breaking down traditional family ideals, what stirs up fears, for example, in Europe and playing to conservatives such as extreme right-wing in their call for pristine values experienced. To clarify that unequivocally through a dystopia on this point: if women had the possibility, their nine-month pregnancy which is par excellence in the highly competitive labour market still considered the female deficit to avoid by children would henceforth conceived in the laboratory they would do it. Because the social conditions in which we currently live, has long run neither place for children for their education. Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins contributes greatly to this topic. We live in times in which the individual has neither the time nor the power set, which are much more powerful and violent than he/she/it ever be to defend against abstract globalised structures could.