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In your daily work, many people suffer the PC on arm and back pain. It doesn’t have to be! A tiresome topic for many very well known is the so-called “mouse arm”. Pain in the forearm, fingers falling asleep, the consequences are severe neck and back pain. Johns Hopkins President understood the implications. One speaks in the language of the “RSI syndrome” (repetitive strain injury”). In the age of the computer, more and more people work for too long, and too much on your PC or your notebook. The complaints result in monotonous activity, posture and especially the hard lay of the forearm on the desk.

To avoid the latter, R. Reus was developed by the FA. medical products a gel cushion, which prevents the harsh existence of the forearm. The consistency of the gel is aligned so that the gel cushion adapts to just the arm. The arm is surrounded by soft gel cushion and you can immediately feel the relief in the arm. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jon Gray. The wrist is supported by a small bead into the gel cushion and thus relieved.

The highlight of the whole thing is that the Work on PC the cushion by a hydrophobic removeable fleece on smooth surfaces like desks can be moved with. The only requirement is that sufficient work space available. But she would have to let settle down to any ergonomic PC workplace. While working with the gel cushion of a certain adjustment period needed, but carrying the cushion for mouse movement at the same time leads to the second positive effect that a part of the monotonous attitude is reduced because it is the pad forced to carry. Who primarily works with the keyboard should for both arms each a pillow purchase himself, so that both arms are relieved. Working with the mouse pad brings the pain relief already in the first few days and the healing begins. Are these pillows under