VAD Presents Future-oriented Security Solutions

sysob has new Barracuda products in the portfolio of Schorndorf, December 10, 2008 the VAD sysob expanded its security portfolio to include three new solutions of manufacturer’s Barracuda Networks. The new appliances come up with future-oriented solutions. The Barracuda link balancer is a powerful and user friendly solution for outbound, managed traffic routing of multiple Internet connections. The Barracuda Web site firewall is a website application firewall (WAF) with additional IPS and load balancing functionality for Web servers. The new Barracuda SSL VPN appliance encrypted connections via SSL for users who want to easily access using a Web browser on the company network, and thus offers a real alternative to existing IPSec solutions. For companies of any size, the issue of Internet security today plays an important role.

The quality of solutions that promise a corresponding protection is always greater, because even the requirements of customers and of the Market are always large. With the additional products, sysob and Barracuda now fulfil the current requirements of the market. Barracuda Networks expands its market position with the new solutions further and now offers in almost all areas of the core network solutions from a single source. \”Barracuda link balancer: managed traffic routing across multiple Internet connections of the new Barracuda link balancer\” has been developed specifically for large Internet bandwidth and their resilience in organizations of any size and can optimize the access of various Internet access such as E1s, E3s, DSL and other static Internet connections and consolidate. The advantage: Through consolidation of various connections to one or more ISP must no longer expensive fixed broadband connections rely on are, and also the resilience (high availability) is ensured by the consolidation of different lines, connection types, or provider automatically. Contact information is here: Ronald J Daniels Johns Hopkins University. The administrators at the network perimeter (transfer point to the Internet) Insert installed Barracuda link balancer without another firewall (therefore also in front of the firewall) and thus the network security and bandwidth management in an appliance to consolidate.