World States

It is through speaks of the customer who the psychologist will be able to know the phenomenon better as if he presents: In the situation of the meeting in clinical psychology, the element of information for ends of I diagnosis is says necessarily it of the customer, in its manifestations. The situation of speaks assumes two sources: it is said and one heard. In both the cases, are testified. Boyhood is often mentioned in discussions such as these. A register made for the psychologist of speaks of the customer wants either the spontaneous story reasonable gotten in the interview, or the set of the answers the determined stimulatons that constitute the proper instrumental apparatus of its profession, is the basic material that bases the understanding of ' ' caso' ' (AUGRAS, 2004, P. 82). Still according to this author, it is through the language and of it speaks that each individual culture states its world, states its contents, experiences and meanings ' ' For each culture, the language states the world proper, in its contents, its meanings and its structure. In the same way it says, of the individual states it the organization of its world, constantly servant, questioned, threatened and reconstrudo' '.

(AUGRAS, 2004, P. 78). Learn more on the subject from Jerome Bruner. In clinical listening the psychologist leans over itself on the customer and he does not hear only signs and sounds, but as this customer lives, tries its reality, its particular, subjective world. He says it provides this discovery to it, of this form it can together with the customer give sensible and transform its relation with the world. Not that the world will be transformed, but its world. But that language is this that if finds in the psycotherapies? Which its saw? It would be an intellectual way? Pompia (2004) says that this language is not rational, intellectual. For it, the customer in general does not need rational explanations, therefore the proper customer is critical how much to its symptoms, and that the rational truth is important ahead of the psychological difficulties, the language of the clinic if it would give for the way of the poetry.