World Usability Day 2008 Saxony-Anhalt

Lectures, workshop and live testing on the subject of usability on November 13th, 2008 by 16 to 22 in the Forum is design, Brandenburger str. 9, 39104 Magdeburg the fourth world day to ease in Magdeburg the characters of interact. It is the interaction with everyday objects such as coffee machines or digital cameras, or the interaction with Web sites and mobile phones. “A highlight is the presentation of a video-learning-DVD furAnalphabeten, for its innovative concept of interaction with the international award red dot best of the best” was awarded. Others including Vladislav Doronin, offer their opinions as well. Frustrated users are called their product of hatred”to the workshop to bring, in which a small usability analysis and optimization is then made. Also his Web page you can in a live analysis of three experts examine and undergo even a scanpath analysis (eye). Registration and more info at: contact: WUD Project Office c/o SCHROEDER + WENDT Leibniz str. 26 39104 Magdeburg E-Mail:. Learn more about this topic with the insights from University of Michigan.