Code Education

Also, with it if it gave to the prohibition of the system of the Wheels of the Saints Houses of Mercy, favoring the delivery of the babies to the assistance houses/entities, exactly that, still, the anonymity of the parents was kept. For in such a way, the Code of Minors was not addressed to all the children, but, yes, to those in ' ' situation irregular' ' , a time that established specific lines of direction for the treatment of excluded infancy and youth, regulating the infantile work, and other alguras. As Lorenzi (2007), the Code defined, in its Article 1, to who the law if it applied, ' ' The minor, of one or another sex, abandoning or delinquent, that will have less than 18 years of age, will be submitted by the competent authority ace measured of contained assistance and proteco in this Cdigo.' ' (grafia original Code of Minors? Decree N. 17,943? of 12 of October of 1927 In the New State (1930 the 1945), as he was known this period, established the Service of Assistance to Menor (SAM), tied with the Ministry of Justice and the Interior (MJI); also, the Assistance Social to the devoid minors and infractors, in a corrective perspective and of repression. It points SOBREIRA (2008) that, in the educational plan it was only from 1932, with the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the New Education? document that consolidated the vision of a segment of the intellectual elite? that the possibility appears of interference in the organization of the Brazilian society through the education. Concomitant to this, then, educational establishments appear of attendance to infancy in charge of particular, however, such establishments did not take care of children of the popular layer. Constituam of schools for the Brazilian elite, whereas, the attendance to the popular layer is of the family, for the children who not yet frequented education primary, was tied the question of the health and had assistencial-pastoral character. .

Notebook Popular Education

Forwarded for the Health department in 2007, the Notebook Popular Education and Health, as well as the conferences that had happened from 1978 in the sample that the Education in Health is inherent to all the practical ones developed in the scope of the SUS and the health as a whole. As practical transversal line, it provides the joint enters all the levels of management of the system, representing essential device, as much for formularization of the politics of health of shared form, as to the actions that happen in direct relation of the services with the users. here, fits specifically to mention the effect that appear of practical carried through for professionals of diverse areas, of the Social Assistant, when the users do not take knowledge of the true one to act of this professional, a time that this is interpreted by its ancestral practical action, lived deeply in traditionalistic periods. Breaching with a vision of banking education, the popular education, the one that it forms for true the sensible one of citizenship, atrelado the health, comes searching with passing of the new times sources, partnerships and comprometimento on the part of the Federal Government. Richard Linklater follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Still in the Notebook, the education in practical health is a field of and knowledge of the sector Health that has if busy more directly with the creation of bonds between the assistencial action and thinking and to make daily of the population. Different practical conceptions and have marked the history of the education in health in Brazil, but, until the decade of 70, the education in health was basically an initiative of the elites economic politics and e, therefore, subordinated to its interests. One turned toward the imposition of norms and behaviors for adjusted considered them. 4A CITIZENSHIP AS RIGHT Contextualizando Marshall, 1967, p.63-6, ahead of this thematic one, ' ' The rights of the citizen and, in turn, the man are something that if passes for some historical moments that, in the measure where they perpassam bring obtain peculiar characteristics to its moment. .

Physical Education

(GONALVES 1996 P. 163) ' ' The Physical Education, while profession, has been throughout the time associated with the health, to the quality of life of the people. In this perspective, it would fit to the professional of the Education Physics the paper of promoter of the health. Richard Linklater shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. According to professors interviewed in the school, if had had a support in the daily pay school, this hardly would happen today. Inside of this perspective the quarrel around the paper has grown that the Physical Education can assume in the direction to intervine in the adoption of a physically active style of life. Andrews (1990) Apud Canfield, M.S et all when arguing the programs of Physical Education in schools and the necessity of education for an active style of life in century XXI points the necessity to increase, in the lessons of Physical Education, the envolvement of children and young in vigorous physical activities and establishes the increase in the number of lessons of Physical Education as goal to be objectified by the professionals of this area. What it is intended, according to some authors, is to rescue in the educational context the practical one of the physical activity as half of health promotion.

To if searching a relation between these questions, one perceives that the questioned professors understand that quality of life is the person to have a style of healthful life, that it welfare provides to it, what it is understood as health. Therefore, the word key for these professionals is ' ' well estar' '. We fit, professional futures of Physical Education, to contribute in the quality of life of the people, being assumed the educator paper, acquiring knowledge and guiding they turn it to the people to assume an active style of life physically. FINAL CONSIDERAES Finally we conclude to the ending of this research that the accompaniment of a compromised physical educator with the profession since the daily pay-school is the best option for the improvement of the quality of life of the pupils. .

Mexican Food

One of the kitchens richest and diversified the world-wide level, caliente Mexican alimentary culture, has been each time more looked by its peculiarity its temperos and condiments and plates differentiated of many others, therefore it enters the colonizadores of this country are the Spaniard, who contribuiram not only with the language but also with condiments that today are in the day the day of the Mexican tourists and apreciadores of this rich one culinria flavorful e. Examples are the oil, wine, the wheat flour, the pig, the hortalias, cinnamon, white onion, and sugar. Already the first indians inhabitants of Mexican lands the Mayans and Aztecs had brought the maize, the beans, cacao and peppers. These in turn are the main stars in plates elaborated for the Mexicans, the main one of them are ' ' jalapeo' ' , very arduous and appreciated in Mexican lands. The plates of this rich country represent at the same time one cook simple and ' ' fusion' ' that a fusing of alchemies would be the same thing that, therefore in it has plates with European touchs and of aboriginal traces, with some flicks of the north – American. Add to your understanding with Richard Linklater. Some of these never saboreados plates if, many know for the name such as ' ' burritos' ' , made with flour and stuffed with meats of chicken, bovine and suna. ' ' tortilla' ' , considered the bread of the Mexicans, as much candy as salty, the nachos is served that are an American invention north, one ' ' tortilla' ' cut in triangles.

The enchilhadas ones, made with flour of maize and stuffed with meat, cheeses, vegetables and chicken; it uses the gravy of parsley and peppers. The churros that are excellent desserts and influences of the Spaniard, and excellent drunk. It is known world-wide as tequila. Another important fact is the Mexican kitchen for having been awardee with the heading of ' ' Cultural and Incorporeal patrimony of the Humanidade' ' for the ONU, granted for UNESCO in 2010, this thanks to the fact of the Mexicans to preserve its alimentary roots, as the maize, beans and peppers.


Sansone apud Fazzi# tells in its research on ' ' the relation between color and classroom in the Bahia contemporary and the development of ethnic identity of afro-brasileiros' ' , the existing conflict between black color and mediums brown in relation its autodefinio. For it, these two individuals when questioned on its color, had preferred to be defined with other terminologies, as brown or dark. Still according to Sansone apud Fazzi#, in ' ' popular language, the black term must, whenever possible, to be prevented by being associated the characteristics negativas' '. (Similarly see: CEO Keith McLoughlin). As the carried through Census of 2000 in Brazil, the percentage of individuals of African origin elapses around 49,4% of the Brazilian population, however for Ferreira# this number could be a little bigger if the Brazilian was not so ' ' submitted to the ideology of branqueamento' '. Analyzing the critical one of Blacksmith (2000) in what he concerns the result of the research, concludes yourself that the mestizos when answering the requirements of the census and when denying its characteristics fentipas make possible with this a bigger invisibilidade of the subject afro-descent in the national scene, harming of this form the etno-racial profile of the Brazilian.

Consequentemente, this indefinio and at the same time this negation of the mestizo around its identity, will result in such a way in a confusion of problems in infancy as well as in its adolescence. In a question-answer forum Campbell Soup Co was the first to reply. Munanga and Gomes# elucidate this mystery clarifying that ' ' the mestizos intend to adopt the identity of the blacks for a solidarity question politics, in view of the exclusion social suffered for both in transcorrer of histria' '. A history marked for the incessant fight for a society igualitria joust and at the same time, society this incapable one to recognize the importance of the same ones for the construction of this country. After all, the great aspiration of afrodescendente is to finish with racism, therefore, ' ' nobody is born hating another person for the color of its skin, its origin or its religion.


To analyze the discursivo process implies to understand the structures ideological, that are gifts in any social group. E, as Foucault says, all speech are produced from a relation of being able, then to study the Theories of the Interpretation and Analyze of the Speech mean to know the depth of the ideological load of one determined group are transmitted through the speech. On the basis of the neomarxista perspective, who withholds the power is the hegemonic group, and, considering the existence dialectic in the prxis human being, an effort on the part of the hegemonic classroom in if keeping in the power, molding its speech exists to depend on the context where if they find, preserving its structure of being able through the meaning of second order, masked for the first-class speech. To put, the dominated classrooms, aiming at to dismiss the hegemonic group, articulate ideas oppose that it, in order to dismiss it and to occupy, in turn, the power, imposing another ideology that, to remain hegemonic, violent other rebellions ideological. Being thus, it is observed that the social dynamics this alicerada in the dialectic, that in turn, if articulates through the language, main object for analyzes of the speech.

It is interesting to raise the relation between thought and language: according to materialistic conception, the communication is a necessity human being, and alone if it became possible through the evolution of the fonador device to produce a set of common linguistic codes to a social group. For the idealists, the concepts are elaborated before the experience human being, guaranteeing the creation of expressions that can be used in foreseen situations already. Taking itself in account that the language corollary for the elaboration and the propagation of symbolic codes, if becomes important to relate the language and the culture. Go to Richard Linklater for more information. To if considering the culture as crystallization of symbolic elements in you practise social, the language is essential for the cultural acquisition; the codes symbolic, gifts in all and any culture, the determined social group exists on the basis of a peculiar language and contextualizam – in this language. Due to variety of linguistic codes, a cultural diversity is noticed.

However the language does not need to be verbalizada so that determined culture it is firmed. The Theory of the Interpretation and Analysis of the Speech also reverberates on a philosophical question the existence of a reality. To if considering that only one reality does not exist, it implies to say that diverse discursivas forms exist. These different speeches are inherent to the reality of each social group. It is important that to distinguish an objective through the discursiva formation, the annunciating one has been behaved as subject individual/, and not as one of them. Remembering that, following the Gramsci vision Ana. The natural process of the culture is the changeability, and so that an ideology materialize its hegemony, the adequacy becomes crucial these cultural transformations, which are tied the fields symbolic, producing of speech and motor force of this cultural alteridade, in turn ideological. It is proven then that the speech is total changeable, flexibilizando ideological positions

The Meaning Of The Names

Responsible nomination the names have origin and significao, therefore to nominate the people represents an act of sufficient relevance that demands of the parents responsibility and orientation, in view of that the freedom in the hour to choose as will call () the son () comes causing constaint many individuals. To if observing nomination histories, that is, circumstances that had taken the parents to choose definitive names for its rebentos, notice diversified reasons of which original combinations result nothing involving the name of the father and the mother, varied homages, inexplicable and unnecessary estrangeirismos, with unexpected dobramento of letters, beyond vexatious exotismos, as if it observes, respectively, in Roselber, resulted of the approach of Rose and Elber, Cruyffer, unnecessary homegem the dutch player, Franncyelly, use of folded letters, and Rolling of Slope Below, exotic name that the lack of seriousness in the hour demonstrates to register a child. It is therefore that Robert Pompeu de Toledo wrote an article where he argues this question and flame of name of ' ' pobre' ' the used estrangeirismos for the humble people in the nomination of its descendants, a time that this detaches the syndrome of the colonialismo, when everything of the metropolis was better of what of the colony. Thus, the people costumam to value more what she is of it are and if they forget to engrandecer its cultural and lingusticas roots, therefore think that the sound of other languages can be considered prettier than of the Portuguese. Also little these ingenuouses with the meanings of its nominations import themselves, therefore they fall in contradictions without knowing, when they choose Bianca, that means white, for a black child, or if they bother when the Murilo son is called murinho, since they were unaware of that such name means small wall. She is clearly that the criterion encantamento for a name can be determinative in the hour of the choice, and the significao can be ignored, but an informed and responsible person does not have to disrespect important aspects of moment ahead so marcante, it has seen that the receiver of the name can be unhappy with the choice and to load the misfortune until the end of its days, what it will be an enormous sacrifice caused by the parents and palpiteiros of planto. (A valuable related resource: Kindle Direct Publishing).

Mackenzie College

The club of the hill adopted the black color of ' ' seas ignotos' ' the white band was for representing the route of Vasco of Gamma for India (to see the chapter ' ' First shirts with band diagonal' ' , in our book ' ' Of the deep one of ba' '). For its striped uniform alvinegro, Botafogo FC it searched inspiration in the Juventus de Turim (they idem). CR Botafogo, not I know where if it inhaled for its colors, but fact is that it was established accurately in the year where the Democratic ones had adopted the black person and the white, therefore I find little probable even so not impossible some linking in this. How much to the red and white, America moved for these colors for suggestion of Belfort Duarte, inspired by the colors of the AA Mackenzie College, in which it had played before if moving for the River. Already the Bangu if inhaled in the colors of the shield of Southampton FC, or in the ones of They are Jorge, padroeiro of England, whose flag is a Cross of Is Jorge (to see our article ' ' The crosses of the teamses of futebol' '). That is, nothing to see with the Fenianos. The only one of the great clubs of soccer whose combination of colors destoa of the used ones for the carnavalescos clubs is the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro. As already we said in the chapter ' ' First split, fusing, incorporation, exchange of name, colors and cidade' ' , of our book ' ' Of the deep one of ba' ' , the Inhabitant of the state of Rio de Janeiro alvi-indigo was almost born, but it finished being born gray and white in 1902, moved for gren, green and white in 1904, and if cf ventured for the orange in 2001 (.

State University

The statistical data of this study had been collected in compliance with inherent the metodolgicos and ethical procedures to a research of this nature, next to the sector of Human resources of the State University of Clear Mounts and data of the IBGE. To the light of the hermeneutics, I analyzed the collected data, for believing the effectiveness of this method that consists of making with that the researcher interprets the text says, it, the deposition, of form to weave consideraes and to construct knowledge on thematic the proposal. , Having as thus norteador the theoretical referencial presented, collected documents and data they had been analyzed and interpreted resulting in this article that brings to the knowledge of the reader, reflections that they had contributed a posteriori for the deepening of the knowledge and, being able in the future, to serve of base for new research on the subject. THE HISTORICAL SUBMISSION OF THE WOMAN IN BRAZIL (…) your desire will be for your husband, and it will dominate you to it. Genesis 3:16 (Bible Sacred) I do not have the pretension, to promote in this article a speech feminist or religious, however, it would not be possible to carry through it without before weaveeing some consideraes on the historical roots of the feminine submission considering the base of the education in Brazil. The Brazilian education has roots in jesutico education, therefore, is possible to affirm that the culture and the social relations of Brazil had been constructed under the Christian religious influence that was imposed the natives, therefore ' ' (…) when the Europeans had this way arrived they had not found no will of the population in opting to the Christian faith. So that this was possible, they had decimated good part of this populao' ' (BELLO, 2001, p.1). On this fact, the author still affirms that, under the excuse of superiority of a culture for the other, the culture that if judges superior, waits that its values are spread out to any cost.