Education And Action

Education is a vital element for development in all areas of life, certainly not limited to businesses on the Internet precisely. Human capital is the factor that allows to increase the production and this increases with education and work experience. However all that education and the compendium of knowledge that one can accumulate serves very little if not are applied and brought to action. It is typical behaviour of entrepreneurs to accumulate knowledge, educate yourself, invest in your training, but eventually never feel ready for takeoff, to apply the techniques that learn. Their inability to take action condemns them to live in a State of non-productivity, a feeling of being doing wrong things, when in fact the problem is that they are not doing anything.

Is not intended to expand this article, simply conclude: invest in your education but takes action, every technique that you learn and don’t be afraid to errors, that ideal situations do not exist and things never will be applied as you plan. This attitude may be only two things: the success in major or minor scale or; The failure, in which case you’ve learned that technique that you applied does not work and you’ll thus debugging, filtering that serves what not. You’d be building a base of effective knowledge which is also capital in the sense that you will learn from the mistake and won’t commit it, thus saving you time, money and effort.